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The General A/My Site Is Not Working in Opera for Desktops Topic

  • Hi,

    How do i customize the website to fit on Opera?

    The desktop version shows ok, but the mobile is strange...

    On others browsers are all fine.

    Should we develop a version for only Opera?


  • @invexo If you're asking about mobile, why post in Opera for Windows?

  • Screenshot 2021-08-30 090934.jpg

    I can log in from other browsers ...

    Any ideas?

  • @rwhite777 Site blocking Opera, maybe?

  • @leocg I've no idea ... how can you check for this?

  • @rwhite777 Try using an extension to change the user agent and make the site think that you are using another browser.

  • I have an older OSX and I am now wondering if Opera is actually supporting OSX 10.11 anymore. Many sites I visit suddenly stopped working, right before the update and continue not to work after it. These sites are natural health sites, independent news blogs, cannabis websites and even PubMed is now not coming in correctly. The pages are a mess. Amazon, eBay, NY Times, corporate websites have no problem. I am very upset since I love Opera and have been using it without a problem until recently.

    So, is this update some sort of censorship hack against independent news, natural health and cannabis (I am thinking so given what is going on)??

    Is Opera still supporting OSX 10.11??? I think it should continue to or at least respond to these reports. I have sent in many reports in the last couple of days. This is really messing up my life.

    This update seems to have gone very wrong. Opera, please let us know what the hell was going on with this update. Are you still supporting older Mac OSX? Please issue a statement on this latest update, which seems to have been a complete disaster for Mac OSX.


  • @solutionscreator Now say what the problem is, so that people can try to find a solution.

  • @solutionscreator Maybe this news is related to your problem?

  • Hey, There
    i am facing a problem when i search my URL in chrome it works perfect fine but when i try search in opera it disappear could you please check and let me know that is this problem on my side

  • Hi opera family,

    I have a well optimized website related to (Purificador de aire Olansi) but this is taking a lot of time in loading. What is the reason behind that. While when i open it on google chrome browser its working absolutely fine? Could you please suggest me the best possible solution? that will not make any issue with my ranking.

  • @raymondsilva said in The General A/My Site Is Not Working in Opera for Desktops Topic:

    Hi, I am working on an ecommerce site(here), I am facing a problem that it is opening on my opera mobile version but not opening on my windows browser. I want to ask that whether the problem is with the website or the browser? Thanks.

    Have you found any issue please?

  • This page is not available when open it on opera browser.

    Simply I use " " and get desired results .

  • Hello guys,

    I’ve been using Opera for ages. I can boldly assume that I could be one of the most faithful users who have never changed it for any other browsers. However, these days I was seriously considering doing so.

    Why, you might ask. Well, this is the problem. When I turn my laptop on and open Opera, it crashes. I then need to force close it in Task Manager and restart it. Only when I force close it for the third or fourth time does it manage to open properly. Furthermore, the pages seem to load slowlier than ever. In fact, it takes an eternity until the page is completely loaded. Not to mention if there are some “heavier” images or videos.

    As I have been working from home for almost a year and a half, I’ve been forced to install another browser for work. It was a tough decision to make, but I simply had to since it started to affect my productivity. Yet, I’m still using it for personal browsing despite all the issues. But what happened recently might definitely make me ditch Opera for good.

    Two days ago, I tried to open an online casino which I had been visiting without any issues until then. Opera simply crashed. I tried to open it again, still nothing. Then again, but without any success. It was as if it had died. Then I attempted to open all three of these [] (in case my old one is outdated or something like that) but to no avail. It was like trying to bring a stone to life.

    Can anyone please explain what has been going on here? I’m slowly starting to lose my nerves and patience, it’s just a matter of time when I will stop using the browser I used to be a huge fan of.