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  • Either it's not added or a bug is preventing me from doing so. I'd like to be able to simply drag a tab from one opera gx window anto another opera gx window tab bar. Currently, when I try to drag a tab to another window it will create a fully separate window.

    I could have sworn this was a feature, so this should be under bugs if it is. I've closed all windows and tried to drag after re-opening Opera gx, but the tab dragging does not work.

    I searched for this suggestion, but the posts were quite old and didn't seem to have any response.

  • @callmepadre7 I'd like to have this ability too, so did you find the solution? Or it just is not omplemented in opera gx yet? Because there is this feature in Chrome, for example.

  • @callmepadre7 , for anyone having the same question/problem and finding this topic (like I did). Opera gx has this feature but I think sometimes this bugs out, due to windows being 'idle' or something.

    Solution for me, which is a bit weird but works:

    1. Have both windows open next to each other.
    2. Right click on the tab bar of the target window (you want the tab dragged onto)
    3. (immediately) Drag the tab you want to switch onto the target window

    This works for me. I think this takes the target window out of the idle state.

  • @juval I know for a fact that I have dragged tabs from one window to another. I used Opera GX for several months with no issues, then last week I lost all ability to transfer tabs. I've tried closing Opera, restarting my PC. Nothing works, including the right click method.
    What's so bizarre about this is that it worked for so long and just stopped for seemingly no reason.

  • If you have tow windows, take a tab using left click, and then place it in the window that you wish to put it in using the right click at the same time as the left click. Left click to drag and right click to place.

  • The solution is actually deceptively simple, you just have to hold the tab you are dragging over the taskbar of the window you want to drag it into, until you see that the other tabs in that window move to make a space for it

  • This works, you just need to drag the tab to the tab area of its new host window. Coming from Safari, I was confused too in the beginning but then realised it worked like this with Opera.

  • There's also this neat feature called workspaces which you can access on the sidebar