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Opera launches new fintech, Dify, and becomes the world’s first browser to give users cashback for online shopping

  • @pavelopdev Not sure I understand what you're saying. Are you supportive of this Dify functionality? Do you think it's a good or a bad thing?

  • @shintoplasm01 What I get from his post is that it isn't really new - Brave already does something similar, but it must not be that successful for them. And he is waiting to see if Opera can do better.

  • @sgunhouse @shintoplasm01
    Correct, I'm not pro or con. I see (I'm shortsighted) Opera has two prongs of main development - "cheap and tiny" products for the "masses" from II/III worlds, and Web 3 (crypto* and decentralized services) for the new +middle class users (BTW US got rid of them!).

    Not everything from new inventions implemented by Opera will be used by "common" desktop/mobile users, as for now, but world's changing.

    What interest me the most is the question - were the Web 3 crypto issues on Opera banners of innovation planned as part of the global Reset hegemony by financial few Bigs, or the Chinese Firm is on a war foot with global info & fin domination spearheaded by 1% Westerners who have in mind enslaving people totally and globally.

    IPFS and crypto stuff as a "global torrent" stand against fintech solution of Opera. Defy represents to me rather a centralized (middlman) payment paradigm. They talk on blog, for example, a lot about decentralization, but they do contrary. It doesn't matter whether users will be using token or real money. All payments are to be going throu Opera center!

    Whether it bid well to Opera or not is a matter of time when we'll see the fruits of Opera latest development roads in near future - read it as whether people will succumb to be cared of by other new Owners/services, or they will take care of themselves using the present model - bank-account owner only. I'm afraid nanny world will be the first King in the new Brave/Opera world.

    BTW On the other side the much vaunted Web 3 will make traditional wars obsolete. It'd be enough to destroy electricity sources and whole the fucking digital world have disintegrated in a blink of an eye. Minted coins would get back at last! 🙂

  • Hi, I think is great, lovely and the repolla, but, how can I take it out of my sidebar?

    I use Opera because it used to be clean and free and bullshits like this. I don't mind if Opera has a lot of things that I don't use... while I don't have to see them, but I cannot hide the "Smart shopping" icon.

  • High Mem usage, please allow users to disable it

  • @ranger375: yes, i have the same problem, Do have a fix for it. My browser is currently unusable.

  • The Cashback function could be interesting if cash redemption could be done directly from the web and not have to use the mobile app.

  • The memory leak is insane

  • @antiqueantelope Seems to have been fixed by this update, according to other users:

  • Sounds like profiling bloatware to me. Please no.

  • I have been using dify for several months (3 months) and there are transactions that I made in March that are still pending today.

    I'm very disappointed with the timings.

    If you don't want to use dify, just disable it on opera flags.