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  • I enabled the VPN... Big mistake.. Did not notice at first... Later when I tried streaming, I was getting 5.7 - 6 MPS. ( Disabled and it went to 150 mps...

  • Hello.

    I installed Opera a few months ago in my windows 10 machine in order to have an alternative web browser. I use firefox, mainly due to habit and laziness; I've got the bookmarks and extensions already set and don't want to tinker with those in another browser.

    Today I wanted to give a shot to Opera (version 75 stable), so I clicked on the pin tile from my start menu. No response. Went to the folder and clicked on an .exe file there, I believe its name is launcher. An error message poped up. I figured maybe windows corrupted the software for some obscure reason. So I plan to uninstall it and then install it again. And here is where things started to look interesting. There was no response from the uninstaller; I tried to uninstall several times and there was no response, no process, no pop up, nothing. While I tried to fix the problem I also notice a ".opera" empty folder in my downloads folder. So I figure I needed to download tha latest version. Once downloaded, I clicked on upgrade, the progress bar filled up, the windows settings opened at the same time and I got the browser running again.

    The whole process made me curious, so I tried to check some things here and there, and found:

    1. Opera sets itself as the default browser without asking.
    2. Opera started to update without even open the app in months.
    3. Opera creates, without asking, several tasks in the task scheduler, without asking. There were 3 tasks in total, all seemed identical and were aimed to autoupdate the app. Neither firefox nor chrome had created similar tasks.
    4. The autoupdate process blocked the app completely, even for uninstalling.
    5. I wasn't able to find a setting to disable autoupdates. Firefox's got that option.

    This behaviour is deliberate, at least the part in which the browser is set as default and the part that schedule tasks. I came here to warn people. This software is too shady and you should be cautious if you plan to use it.

  • Recently I started using opera and I have a good experience while using it. Before using I am a little bit confused but When while using I test its features like a built-in ad blocker, battery saver, VPN, etc. I am enjoying now using opera.

  • This post is deleted!
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    • Amazon Shopper Plugin that you can't uninstall
    • Messengers You Can't turn off
    • Promotional Notifications
    • Promotional Speed Dials
    • Promotional Bookmarks
    • Promotional Campaigns

    I use an adblocker to Stop the ads and here you are throwing them in my face; elevated above the website level, to the browser itself. I'm just going to uninstall. Your business practices are horrible.

  • @sammiously You can disable (most of) them in settings

  • @leocg I shouldn't have to turn them off, just stop bombarding me with ads. Freakin heck, is this 2002 with realplayer?

  • 6 stars awesome browser ******

  • After years of using Ope rI am finally giving up. It has often had glitches and can be temperamental, but it was good.Now it selects at random which website I can visit or not.

    ' Your connection is not private ' and refuses to allow me to visit even when I overrule it. These are sites I use daily ! And well known sites. This is ridiculous .No way to make contact with Opera and seek a remedy. Instead we have to do their work for them and (unpaid ) and solve their problems between us. Authoritarian profiteering No I am moving and taking all me stuff with me .the internet companies are becoming fascist.