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  • @deathcat: thank you for the report! Please follow steps from the -> to solve the problem with My Flow connection. Please let us know if it will help you to solve the problem!

  • This problem still occurs.
    There are some problems with youtube videos. I don't know if it's just for me. I usually watch at x1.5 speed, often the picture freezes or speeds up strangely, then I have to back up a bit.
    Windows 10 20H2

  • Impertinent question:


  • opera://about/ The system is spelled wrong, Apple dropped Mac OS X many many years ago and switched to macOS

    Is the auto update from 74.0.3911.75 on macOS not working? Stuck on "Checking for updates…" had to do a manual update

  • Please implement the possibility to middle-click in this search in tabs feature (recently closed tabs) to open entries in background tabs

  • Sorry to say this but what you write is completely illogical, besides it is a false statement.
    Primo: Always doesn't mean usually.
    Secundo: This wasn't always safe and is not in any case.

  • @shion-san Scratch that. Opera crashes randomly again. Started with YouTube. And I've already removed profile backup I had.

  • BS-748.. Weird ID for an issue. I hope it'll get fixed soon. Had to downgrade. Again.
    I wonder if Vivaldi is good now?

  • Thank you Opera for finally allowing touch input to select Search Results in the address bar! Finally works properly on a Surface Pro device. Encouraging me slightly to return to Opera from Edge.

    About:GPU page is also now on full green aside from Vulkan (which is still disabled, identical to Edge)

    We now need to work on Battery Efficiency, get hardware acceleration par with Edge and implement DRM for 1080p/4K content on streaming services and implement the amazing smooth scrolling Edge has.

  • Thank you @chas4: . Reported this as DNA-91502

  • In my opinion the SearchTabs popup in 74 version looks a lot better than in 75.
    The 'flat' design (without the rectangular textfield ) and bigger and more clear text look modern. Now we have the tiny text inside textfield
    I don't know why it was changed in 75.

  • @olesiak: None of this helps. I've been writing bug reports for half a year now and it's no use. I even made a new account, and you all give the same link to useless methods.

  • I'm finding in restoring closed tabs that they aren't going back where they were, as they did before. Is that intended?

  • Why smudge effect appears using three Opera windows?

    1. First way - very bad one - open 1st window, then second and the third one from the first (primary) window! The 3 windows is smudged by other windows.
      (Click for good vision)

    2. Second way - the only one (good) - first window then second one and next third one must be opened from the second window!
      That time I was moving Midnight Commander very quickly making circles and I wasn't able to recreate smudging!

    Summing up
    You must open windows in sequential order 1 -> 2 -> 3
    not using tree order 1 -> 2 and 1 -> 3.

    The question is - why the order is so crucial?

    Similar effect was described by me in
    Opera 75.0.3939.0 developer update

  • @chas4: Well Mozilla was never a browser and version 5.0 was released like a decade ago. Opera don't concern with such things.

  • In the Bookmarks Manager full version you get your current Speed Dial listed as a separate thing from what it calls "other Speed Dials", but in the simplified pop up Bookmark Manager you get from the Side Panel, you get all Speed Dials listed in one single section.

    After some reinstalls and some time you don't know for sure what's your current PC name, so it's a bit confusing even for You , as I've realized (in this is my real problem with you) that upon new installs the browser configures new Speed Dials with those annoying and horrible big letters which I so hate, then you open them and click on the small heart icon in the address bar, hoping to change it but it won't happen no matter what you do as Opera will insist in giving you the big horrible white letters, and then you open the drop down list, mostly to find out what the hell is going on and then you realize Opera isn't using the thumbnail you want to use, not from the webpage you're looking at, from the page you just opened, no, it's getting the pic from one of the older Speed Dials from past installs, why? I don't think even you know why.

    Then you have to browse in that list back to your real Speed Dial for that machine and set it alright, but some times Opera simply refuses to use the new thumbnail you want it to use, no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, Opera will insist in showing those huge vomitive white letters, so I've ended copying and pasting old entries from those older Speed Dials to the new one, using the Bookmark Manager, in order to have a useful thumbnail, but God Forbid I get to use an updated thumbnail, namely one from the freaking Web Page I'm looking at in that moment, I can only settle with something I opened a year ago or something like that.

    So my choices are:

    1. Scratch all the Speed Dials I've used before and set it up all over again, which renders sync somewhat useless, if I want to have updated thumbnails, and understand that in the future it'll be the same thing.

    2. Use older thumbnails that're still useful but sometimes reflect very old pics I'd like to change. This is my regular choice.

    3. Stick with the horrible big white letters (not really an option).

    Another option is to copy all the entries as bookmark entries and then export them as a HTML file, then import it back after you did whatever you had to to your PC... you get the Big White Letters again, you want a thumbnail? repeat step 1 or 2. Your HTML file was good for nothing.

    I don't understand why is it so hard for you to get it right.

    Windows 10, and this has been going for some years now.

  • The Spellcheck is problematic.

    I have three Languages set.
    English as Opera DUI, English(United States) and my Native language(Greek).

    When I have it set to spellcheck all the languages it doesn't work at all.
    When I have it set to spellcheck two out of three languages, it does not work all the time, it does not find all the mistakes and gives dumb suggestions most of the time.

    When I have two languages installed, English or English(United States), set as Opera Dui and my Native Language, it still acts the same as above.

    I have to have, spellcheck set to only one language, in order for it to work, like it should be.

    First I thought that it had something to do with my Computer or the integrity of my Windows, because they had started being problematic, but I have just done a clean Windows and System installation and the spellcheck acts the same.

  • @pavelopdev Thank you for the report! Please send also a video record to be able to reproduce the issue.

  • @olesiak Ok, this demonstration is on Facebook Messenger. I do the simplest and least traceable mistake of not putting intonations on the words (as I am writing I had to change to only English, so it could detect the mistakes in English and it could only suggest "tracible" as a solution for traceable)…. This time it behaved differently I had to first correct the "εκεί" word and then change the language settings to only Greek or else it would not find the rest of the mistakes. The same thing happens to all Chromium based browsers (Opera, Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi).

    English-Greek Spellcheck Problem Video

  • @palx thank you a lot for the video 🙂