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  • @kened So you know that Opera and Vivaldi are for different publics.

  • @leocg We know as well, that Vivaldi is for now a Desktop beast mainly, but Opera's dozen ramifications penetrate smartphone world swamps. There are no sensible/sizable teams which might use their times for every Opera type, as well. So the development goes small steps once in a week ("if weather allows" - sarcasm), plumbing/patching the f***/pathetic holes/bugs as soon as possible and leaving for real development in strides too less time.

    I have no illusions and high hopes now. The most salient issues are not being resolved (e.g. Snapshot Left Shift) due to lack of manpower (pardon Ladies - due to human powers). So the much needed, other issues, e.g. aesthetic trifles have even worse future - the Opera's lofty priorities are the Kings in Opera dev premises nowadays, alas.

    Anyway, I see very good features being implemented from time to time. That's why I love Opera and see no competition for it yet.

    The bad side of the coin is that sooner or later the Opera Desktop management will probably face a wall of short resources and effects of shortsightedness - a sad fact to us, if they have happened, especially for the diehard desktop users.

    I do not want to elaborate on the infamous lack of real feedback from Opera, which is tantamount to recklessness - to put it in few short words.

    Hope? Has it any valid meaning against such bad looking background?

    Have nice nights and days users.

  • Annoying bug or problem for me, this is when I enter a different context after rebooting and unfortunately does not remember the last active tab in this context. He only remembers one thing, including the one he opens first.

  • When will be Swiss French news sources available on the speed dial?

  • @pavelopdev I agree with your sentiment, which is why I still hang onto Opera (just about). I also see a problem with the opaqueness of Opera's current owners, who are no longer in touch with us normal browser users. Far more important to spend resources on gaming companies and money-lending apps, while the browsers are just there for the brand name recognition. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing is jettisoned once they realise there's not much money to be leveraged out of the browser business anymore.

  • I cannot use it at work because it does not have 88.0.4324.150 vulnerability fix

  • @doctorx64: They've just updated

  • @modemjunkie I don't know what I did, but YouTube sharing works again. I did disable some extensions but that didn't help.

    Later I reenabled them. Shortly after that I discovered sharing worked again.

    Same build.

  • @unrealmirakulix: sadly, bug is back like before. I hope the new stable version fixes it.

  • There are some problems with youtube videos. I don't know if it's just for me. I usually watch at x1.5 speed, often the picture freezes or speeds up strangely, then I have to back up a bit.
    Windows 10 20H2

  • @plovec still not available in ubuntu deb/snap updates unfortunately

  • This post is deleted!
  • Since this feature came on line, I have clicked on the "disable" button that was offered up each time a tab snoozed (Approximately 5-6 times now). Just now checked my User Interface setting and the snooze feature is disabled, but the tabs continue to snooze. I read the above post carefully and don't see what else I should be doing to keep this feature disabled. Please advise. Thanks.

  • Side note is the comments being down on the main blog a known issue?

  • @bigskytroutbum: absolutely a bug, I came to this page for the same exact problem, absolutely hate this and not need it in the least bit, if you need more memory on your system, RAM is very cheap

  • @ledobg3: Thanks for checking in. I was wondering if it was possibly one of my extensions or something. I appreciate the Opera folks trying to continually improve the product, but yeah, Opera was already pretty much perfect, and as the saying goes, "If it ain't broke....." I was hoping that Kornelia might have seen this post by now, but....

  • @bigskytroutbum: I can't disable tab snoozing either, and it's an issue in terms of my work. The setting mentioned in the Opera post (@Kornelia Mielczarczyk) doesn't disable tab snoozing, and we'd appreciate the developers fixing this bug.