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Click twice to close tabs - sometimes

  • Recently Opera has started to require two clicks (or two presses of cmd-w) to close a tab. It does not happen all the time and I have yet to find a pattern, but it seems that a restart of opera fixes it for some time.
    The clicks does not have to be immediately after one another I can for instance click close on a tab and goto another tab and the return and be able to click once more and then the first tab closes.

    Anyone else with that problem?

    Opera version: 73.0.3856.344

  • @kjeldahl I use Cmd-W to close tabs on my Mac &, yes, I'm having this experience too. I have to do Cmd-W twice, now, which is why I happened on your entry. Hopefully it's a temporary glitch & resolves in the next update.

  • I've found that this behaviour coincides with Opera misbehaving when dragging tabs to another window (bug report DNAWIZ-114163)

    Next time you face this "2 clicks to close the tab" issue, please also try dragging a tab to another window and see what happens: in my case I get a thumbnail that won't go away after docking the tab. The only way out is to force quit Opera (or you can move the tab thumbnail to another desktop out of the way as a temporary workaround).

  • @damienuk I can reproduce that. Both the double click and the sticky thumbnail. It is however so sticky I cannot drag it anywhere.

  • @kjeldahl yeah it won't drag, but if you ctrl+up to show all desktops it should be possible to drag it to another desktop that way. You cannot drag it to a different monitor though (in normal "view"), or around the same screen/desktop as you mentioned.

    Like you, I didn't find how to actually reproduce the conditions to trigger the bug - just that it happens to me quite often, using Opera as my main browser with an average of around 10 tabs open at once, across 2 monitors (lots of tabs opened and closed throughout the day, and dragging tabs between those monitors / Opera windows quite often).

    I even replaced my ancient Macbook Air with a new MBP - in part to see if it was related to underpowered hardware, or some kind of glitch with old hardware that nobody tests against anymore. Sadly the behaviour remains.