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Web site search bar obscures page content in Opera

  • Here's the deal. When at a particular web site, their search bar actually displays just below the ribbon where it should be and blocks content.
    In IE & Mozilla it displays fine.
    So the question is, does Opera have any setting that can compensate and correct the compatibility issue?

    [Mod edit: Changed topic title to be more descriptive]

  • Which Opera?
    In the truOpera, "Fit to Width" usually does the work. Sites' pages' layout does happen to appear a bit different in different browsers. Sometimes, your zooming actions can warp the appearance one way or another: I guess that different page elements react differently to page zooming - again, it may differ, or may not, from browser to browser (I reckon they must render the elements and scripts in a somehow particular manner).

  • Opera 23 dooes not have "fit to width"--does it?

  • We won't have any idea of what you're experiencing if you don't tell us which site that is / show a screenshot.

  • You can create a public photoalbum somewhere like on Facebook, for such troubleshooting.