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  • SearchTabs popup still closes after an active tab was removed
    Despite of multiple reports you released it with incorrect behavior. After an active tab was closed the SearchTabs popup closes too. Previous TabMenu stays opened
    alt text

    *The SearchInTabs popup was created to manage a lot of opened tabs. Let's assume that I want to close some tabs (for example Opera related), I search for 'Opera' and then I'm closing the tabs one by one. If the found tabs include an active tab, the popup will be closed too and I will have to open the popup and search again?
    And why this happens only with active tabs.. I close background tabs and the popup stays opened.
    I also think that active tab should be marked in the SearchTabs (highlighted or using bold text)

    alt text

  • Nihil novi sub sole, or old habits never die.

    Snapshot is worthless as usual.


  • Make the unpinned sidebar panels to appear (like the EasySetup and sidebar setup panels do slide out) below the address bar (bookmarks bar), so tabs and address field is not overlapped. Also move panel's badge icon with address to the left.

  • Hello,
    Opera 74.0.3904.0 developer update is an interesting update it changes the UI which is more attractive than previous I suggest everyone use this update but the problem is mostly theme is dark please update some light theme

  • @puneet What changed in the UI? I couldn't notice any relevant.

  • @puneet Opera has both light and dark themes.

  • fb messenger sometimes bug out like that fbm bug.png

  • could you please stop closing (hiding) opera window on macOS when last tab is closed.. I used to browsing mostly in 1 tab.. and to go back to speed dials I just close the tab (I know about speed dials button.. but as I said I'm used to just close the last tab.. to make new speed dial page open.. on windows it goes just well.. on macos it just closed (hides) opera.. so I have to move cursor to my dock and open it again.. then I do forget this and "automatically" close tab.. and opera hides again.. just read some opera forum threads.. where users asking to add such behavior to windows.. but they just don't know what kind of bu.. pain it is.. you want to close last tab, to get new tab opened.. and instead it just closes the browser

  • This post is deleted!
  • It is impossible to remove/edit speed dial entry, bookmarks is ok. I have tried with a blank version of this build with the same results, in case it was something else that cause this kind of problem.

  • @stebot Why? What happens when you try to do it?

  • @leocg I don't know why, and nothing happens when I try to do it.

  • @stebot So you posted because...?

  • Some time ago I asked for simple thing -
    Some vertical division lines on setting pages are not movable

    See how Spotify works with such solution. Opera needs the polishing touches like hell.
    [Fig. 1]

    [Fig. 2]

  • When opening the SerchTabs popup an active tab should be the highlighted light blue. When simply hovering tabs some less brighter blue color should be used (the same is with recently closed items). Maybe the same color which is currently used for items on the BABE (I think it will unify the UI).
    In TabMenu an active tab was highlighted.

    *the highlighted box still overlaps scrollbar.


  • @andrew84 And the single Speed dial tab shouldn't be closeable (I think it's obvious because single tab on the tabs bar doesn't have the closing cross)

  • When are you going to fix "My flow"?
    Uploading an image from my phone, checking it into my desktop flow, trying to download it and nothing...
    "Downloading... 654.90 / 654.90 KB" doesn't download it, wtf?


    • I don't know how many times the same bug with white popup in dark mode for the 3 dots popup menu can appear again again and again in Settings in languages and manage search engines. 5 maybe 10 times
    • Manage exceptions doesn't work in 'On startup' section in Settings


  • Opera finally fixed the pip bug on Netflix. Pip now works normally in Opera Stable, Beta and Developer. The bug still persists in Opera GX: the pip button only appears at the end of the video.

  • Chromecast integration isn't working (No devices found).