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Reset sync data button doesn't exist and no way to delete old sync data

  • I'm suddenly having problems with Opera crashing on start if I activate sync. (Windows 10) It tries to start 4 times within about 2 seconds but crashes every time, and then I am back to desktop.

    I have tried both reinstalling, deleting all user content as well as deleting the "AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable" folder, and Opera works fine until sync is activated. It has been working fine on three different devices since I started using it a week ago, this all suddenly started today and is the same on both PCs.

    I wanted to try to scrap all the sync data, but even though the the FAQ says:

    *To reset your account:

    1. Navigate to
    2. Select the Reset sync data button.*

    there is no such button to be found on that page. (I have tried with 3 different browsers...) There also seems to be no way to delete the entries separately, All I can do on that site is to view the synchronized entries, but I can't delete them. There is also - already after 1 week of usage - several folders for each unit I am using, all containing old sync data which are no longer valid. It seems like every time I have to reinstall Opera or reactivate the sync, there is a new sync profile created for the same device but there is no way to delete the old ones.

    This all seems to be a complete mess at the moment and I am starting to question if the move from Firefox to Opera was really such a good idea...

  • @Waiter To reset your synced data, just go to and click on Reset Passphrase

  • @leocg Thank you, but who on earth came up with the idea of hiding it there? On the Synchronization page, it says "Do not remember your key synchronization password (passphrase)? Reset Passphrase". Not really the place you would look when you are told to click on the "Reset sync data button"...

    At least it seems to have worked, I deleted it and have restarted a few times now after resyncing my devices so thank you!

    However, this really leads to continued doubts about choosing Opera on a permanent basis. I couldn't even start Opera on any of my computers and the only way to solve the problem was to clear the synced data from a different browser. That means losing all bookmarks on all synced computers and the only reason I still have mine is that I could re-import them from Firefox, which is where I got them in the first place.

  • Thanks for this post it is what I am looking for almost a year later and the labeling, description and FAQ's still don't reflect the proper info