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The adblocker is not working topic (Opera for Desktops)

  • @cocteautwin That's my guess, though I haven't seen them yet. Well, then again I'm on Developer and perhaps they're testing a correction already. (When I checked a few days ago I saw maybe half a second of the ad before it skipped itself.)

    You'll see multiple threads on this topic already, for the Windows browser and for GX.

  • Hey, so recently (like 3 days ago) my youtube adblocker stopped working (the official opera adblocker), does anyone know how I fix this?

  • @endoryoda Also i keep getting the same ad, like i had it 100x already today

  • i have had problems with add block for a little while now where it slowly started to drop out. it started first on youtube when some smal video adds started popping up, but now it isnt working at all. pls help me if i have done something with it

  • is it only me, that feels that the adblock on Opera app gets worse for every new update done on Opera Mobile App or Browser, at a point i totally forgot adblock even existed on thier apps

  • @mideh It still works fine here

  • First of all, why AddBlock's not working anymore.
    Secundo, why all the posts about it are being deleted or some shit?? Like they don't like that we talk about it or something?

  • @c9-zyra We don't approve of flooding here, posts about the same topic will be combined into a single thread.

  • @mohansg
    Ad block seemed to skip the ads, for a while, now the ads are back again, after a Win10 update.

  • I just wanted to say big "thank you" to devs that maintain Opera ad blocker (and part of this probably goes to community that maintain the adblock lists). You really start appreciating things when they suddenly stop working 🙂 Luckily, the issues was addressed pretty quickly and since end of May everything went back to normal.


  • I Found after updating my Opera Browser to version 79.0.4143.22 it's starts showing ads on YouTube and Google Searches even when Opera Adblocker is ON.

    Team Opera I loves your service and updates but, this time you disappoint me. 😞

  • @shivamkamdi Well my hdr problem with dropped frames on youtube was fixed with build 79, but I Have The Same Issue as you. Ads on youtube are bombarding me with ad block on.

    Ad Block is malfunctioning and allowing youtube adds.

  • Install adblock plus and they go away, it happens to me every time I update opera, adblock plus takes the stupid irrelevant (couldn't even buy the products in my country anyway) ads away.

  • @kirkhampton Yeah but if Opera offers built in adblock, then it should do the job it's supposed to do. And in my opinion, it is not case of some bug, but Opera is letting ads on YouTube deliberately. At the beginning adblock worked flawlessly but I guess they just made the deal with Google. Not mentioning e.g. Facebook. Not only that adblock works so-so there, but it's being turned off for Facebook on every browser update...

  • @simusr Opera adblock works fine until they update it, this needs to be seriously looked into as it happens every time. Best to remove auto update but then if you forget for a long time could become security risk. Adblock plus is just the adblocker, easylist is the list keeper, if they white list ads it is them not Adblock plus doing it. You can go through easylist file yourself and edit out any allowing of ads from google etc. But I will tell you for example Bing, the ads come from the script from and if you don't allow that script in no script ad on in Firefox, bing doesn't work properly. Also they changed youtube so the ads come from which is where the video player comes from so if you block that script no video plays.

  • The built-in ad blocker isn't blocking Youtube ads anymore. Anyone having the same problem? And if you know how to fix it, please tell me.

  • @kirkhampton cool, i hate google more now

  • Since the latest two updates, I do not feel, Opera engine is able to block ads in YouTube. I guess some regression issue which the development team needs to look into the same.

  • With the new update ads from youtube videos are no longer blocked and they pop up at the start of videos.
    I tried this on 2 different computers. Bring back that feature to block everything or I will move to the edge