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The adblocker is not working topic (Opera for Desktops)

  • Around 3 or 4 weeks ago i started having to endure ads on youtube before the majority of videos i watch. For many years up til then i never saw ads, why would it of changed?
    A little while back i went from seeing no ads to ocassionally having the youtube screen go white, with the 'skip ads' box down at the right hand, bottom corner of the screen, but now it's full on.
    I've always had the in-built Opera ad blocker enabled, and the popup blocker enabled.
    Has youtube just managed to beat those particular adblockers?
    I've tried the youtube adblockers from the Extentions page but none seem to work.

  • @cocteautwin That's my guess, though I haven't seen them yet. Well, then again I'm on Developer and perhaps they're testing a correction already. (When I checked a few days ago I saw maybe half a second of the ad before it skipped itself.)

    You'll see multiple threads on this topic already, for the Windows browser and for GX.

  • Hey, so recently (like 3 days ago) my youtube adblocker stopped working (the official opera adblocker), does anyone know how I fix this?

  • @endoryoda Also i keep getting the same ad, like i had it 100x already today

  • i have had problems with add block for a little while now where it slowly started to drop out. it started first on youtube when some smal video adds started popping up, but now it isnt working at all. pls help me if i have done something with it

  • is it only me, that feels that the adblock on Opera app gets worse for every new update done on Opera Mobile App or Browser, at a point i totally forgot adblock even existed on thier apps

  • @mideh It still works fine here

  • First of all, why AddBlock's not working anymore.
    Secundo, why all the posts about it are being deleted or some shit?? Like they don't like that we talk about it or something?

  • @c9-zyra We don't approve of flooding here, posts about the same topic will be combined into a single thread.

  • @mohansg
    Ad block seemed to skip the ads, for a while, now the ads are back again, after a Win10 update.