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[Solved]I've lost my Opera Home Page

  • I had a beautiful and very useful home page. it was composed of links to the sites i frequently use, and those relating to subjects of particular interest to me. This page formerly appeared when I clicked on the Opera icon in my Dock, but it stopped appearing yesterday, and it has not returned.

    How can I recover my Home Page? If this is not possible, how do I create a new one?

    I might add that I had created similar pages for my other browsers, but the one for Opera was the most beautiful by far.

  • @damnyou What do you call a Home Page? It's been a long time that Opera doesn't have/support setting up a home page.

  • I strongly assume that "home page" means "speed dial". Probably you deactivated it yesterday by mistake. You can enable speed dial again in the settings. You might have to put them together again.

  • @leocg
    I explained that in detail in my question. My Home Page is where I keep the links to all of the sites that I frequently use. I also have already explained why I want to rebuild it: It's so that I can have all of the links I frequently use as soon as I click on the Opera icon in my dock. When I do that, my Home Page appears, or should.

  • @operaoperandi
    Thanks. I'll try that, as soon as I find settings, that is.

    (2) You are right. Now I just have to learn how to use Speed Dial. I might even be able to bring back the page that I have lost without having to rebuild it. I did it once, so I guess I can do. it again

  • Simply open a desired page, copy the address, click on "+ Add..." on the speed dial page and paste the copied page. Done.

  • @operaoperandi
    Thanks, but I can't find "+Add" in the Speed Dial section of Settings.

  • @damnyou Nope, you didn't. You just said how that thing that you call(ed) home page had on it but you didn't say what do you mean by a home page.

    It was a real page, with an address? It was an extension? It a page that opened when you start Opera?

  • @damnyou So that thing you called home page wasn't your speed dials?

  • @damnyou Open a page you want to add to Speed Dial, click on the heart icon a the address bar, choose Speed Dial in the drop down menu.

    Your right click on the page and then on add to speed dial

  • @damnyou
    Thanks for your interest, but you're obviously not one who has anything useful to say. I suggest that you look elsewhere.

  • @leocg
    I (You) found it. I won't have to rebuild my "Home Page" after all. However, I still have to relearn how to put it in my Dock, so that when I click on Opera, my Home Page/Speed Dial appears. However, I'll do that another time. I've already spent too much time on this, and I'm worn out.

    Thanks a million for your help. Obviously, it's something I wouldn't have been able to do by myself, although I did do it once before when I was several years younger.

    In closing, my apologies to whomever it was that I was impolite. I shouldn't have been so curt, but, well, I'm only human and the "answers" I was getting, didn't help, and I was upset that they hadn't understood what I had said so clearly, or so I thought.

    Next time I come back,. I'll try to be more patient. Anyway, thanks again.

  • @damnyou Unless you have changed something in the start up section of the settings, Start page (with Speed Dials) is what you should see when you start Opera.

  • @leocg
    That's interesting, and encouraging. Unfortunately, as it happens, that doesn't take It did in the past, but not now. However, sometimes it took longer than usual, so I left it on all night last night to see if a click on Opera in my dock would evntually produce my Home Page/Speed Dial, but it didn't.

    Now I have to see what I might have changed in settings to cause the problem. I won't try today, however.

    Thanks for your continuing interest.

  • It's getting better. If I click on Opera and then click on the little heart in the column to the left, I get my Speed Dial. It's not exactly the same as the format I had before, but it's the same chart, the same links. Anyway, although it's not what I wanted or what I had, it's not that much trouble to use. I'm going to keep looking for a way to make it a one-step process, though.

  • @damnyou What do you see when you start Opera?

  • A black screen with a search bar at the top and ten icons down the left side:
    Workspace1, Workspace2, Facebook Messenger, What's App, Instagram, Twitter, Bookmarks,, History, Setitngs, Tutorial

    I should add that it takes me three steps to get to Speed Dial: Opera, Bookmarks, Speed Dial

  • @damnyou Check in Opera settings if your speed dials aren't hidden.

  • @leocg
    (1). I don't know what I'm supposed to be looking for, but I'll see what I can find. It's too late for you to reply today, so I'll be waiting for your reply tomorrow.

    (2) I checked the settings, but I didn't know what I was supposed to be looking for, ,so I found nothing.

  • @damnyou In the settings page, click on advanced on the left and then on browser. In the start page section, check if hide speed dial isn't enabled by chance.