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  • i used to use Mozilla and chrome, but i always have issues when I open to many websites at the same time, and I do that because I work in a different proyects at the same time, I been using Opera about 1
    5 yrs and really good, really stable i don't have that issues any more and I have different Desktops where I can organize my websites, I love it. (and when I say I have a lot websites open at the same time there are around 400+) I know is to much but the point is stability.

  • @alomas wow that's a lot, I usually have about 20 open. How big is your speed dial page?

  • I love text reflow zoom on mobile. With my vision, I wouldn't really be able to use a mobile browser without it. The added privacy features are also great.

  • I think Opera is the World's Browser!

    See several reasons here.

  • How bout this one for a trip through time..."Netscape Navigator"...Haha I used that back in 2000 n earlier. Personally I think they're all pretty much the same, except for recent years of Opera. Happy browser day everyone!

  • My first internet account was 1985. It was basically just email back then and ftp server.

  • I have used Opera for 11 years. I love using it on my mobile devices!

  • @HaveBlue yeah, I somewhat remember those days...i was very young. I remember starting games like through DOS and some after putting in an actual floppy disc.

  • Yes lotus 123 and wordperfect were revolutionary

  • @HaveBlue haha YAS!

  • I can't celebrate this whole-heartedly, knowing what Opera's current ownership is. Let's also remember that most of the original crew (including Håkon Wium Lie himself!) left when you sold the company to that consortium. A lot of people lost trust in you that day, and I've still not entirely recovered mine. I wish Opera were more like in the old days, and not implicated in all kinds of unsavoury practices.

  • @jonathans55 Actually is not that big, I have more websites open because I need to buy some stuff for my house, my cars, things that I want and like that, and i leave the websites open like a reminder or some other with research, or tv shows, and there is when i love about have different workspaces like a Media, personal, proyects, etc.