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Vote for the winner of the Opera GX Audience Award at Game Music Fest 2020 and help select the new soundtrack for Opera GX

  • track D best

  • I went G. The rest are too 'spacey' that I feel like I'm playing Star Citizen.
    G is more lofi-esk, chill, something to relax to. I ain't flying the Pillar of Autumn all the time.

  • track D

  • please make an option to include all of them and play them as a playlist and maybe even have a few playlists for different types of background tracks. This way we dont listen to the same track all day. thank you!

  • i like G and C
    because :
    G remind me Lofi music and i like hear that sound when i screach on google some things or when i talk with friends CHILL so yeah i like this one and
    C because this more like idk some good 8 bit music (yes im strange x) )
    and what if whe can add our proper musics in opera gx 😃
    have a good day

  • Лучше бы уже добавили функцию поиска фото в интернете (когда нажимаешь на картинку пкм и там выбираешь это)

  • Track B is the best by far especially if you are a real gamer + laidback. It's just the vibes it will give while browsing, you know?

  • J also sounds dope alongside B...

  • I love track "C" is beautiful

  • Are these all pieces that were sent by the participants, because I have thought we would be able to vote for every sent composition that fulfills the criteria?

  • I like G and H, but I'm ultimately going with H. The progression of the song, the way it finds a balance between relaxation and energy is really well done. I has that just enough energy in it that it fits the look and feel of the browser well, but not to much that it pulls away from the experience. G on the other hand is a bit too mellow for the look and how Opera GX conveys itself.

  • I loved the J is incredible

  • Why not use all and than we can change the music? because i love all of them,every music have their own emotion

  • I personally like them all and i think there should just be an option to choose which background music you want to hear. So there's not only one.

  • j really dope. but can u make it selectable for users.

  • Track D has just such an amazing vibe to it, unique from all of the other tracks. I had no choice but to pick that one.
    @akzone said:

    why i cant just put my on background music?

    This, because I make my own music as well.

  • Track D is simply beautiful,.. how relaxing it is by its melody, it inspires me and without keeping a steady pace

  • I'll be honest, I actually still prefer the current background music for Opera GX. Some of the melodies featured in these tracks are great and harmonious, but ultimately distracting while I search Google and play RTS games. Some others are less distracting but they just don't have the exact feel I get from the current background music.

    Nevertheless, my personal favorites would have to be choice 'D' for searching anything related to technology and whatnot. Choice 'F' is beautiful; it'd be for casual games, perhaps. As an individual track, it's nice.

    Choice 'G' is an honorable mention since it really fits an Internet Café. XD

    All in all, choices 'D' and 'F' are my picks with the former coming out on top. I still prefer the current one, but if it had to change, then 'D' is my choice for replacement.

    Still, it would be even greater if all tracks were made available, like a music pack. We'd still have the current background music, but we also have the choice to switch to the ones in this selection as well.

    Thanks for reading this far. 🙂

  • I go with C, It's pretty relaxing.

  • A and D are the Best, but i vote for A