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  • Will the warning about Flash no longer being supported after this year actually go away before next year? It's incredibly annoying. No, clicking "Turn off" (whatever that means: refers to the message or Flash?) does NOT help, because it re-appears the next time you start Opera.

  • @erikpit: Uninstalling Opera Developer did not resolve the problem, normal Opera has no Issue

  • Highlighted items of the Search in Tabs popup still overlap the scrollbar.

  • I noticed that in Dev there are some ugly black borders on Opera forum (for the text field, buttons for example). Most probably on other sites too.


  • Opera 73.0.3834.0 crashes instantaneously clicking "YouToube Music" button in the new sidebar player.
    [Win10 x64]

  • @rseiler said:

    […] "Turn off" (whatever that means: refers to the message or Flash?) […].

    You are right. That's a prototypically bad wording guaranteeing user confusion.

  • It seems that the feature DNA-88977 Show generic icon and title for windows in Recently closed doesn't work in this build (worked in previous build

  • Is it correct that ads are not blocked in the Player panel (and in sidebar custom sites too)? I have both blockers enabled (uBlock + Opera's adBlocker). I don't see ads when I play music in the main window.
    Is there a way to 'connect' blocking extensions (and Opera adBlocker) to custom sites panels?

  • I wonder that there's a separate section in Settings for the Player, but there's no section with options what to show for the Enhanced address bar. BABE is not finished yet and still buggy (video pop-out also needs improvements) and here comes another one feature.

    Unfortunately, the player feature is not for me and I have no interest to test it. If it showed a popup with media controls for currently playing music (like in Chrome/Edge, for any of sites with music I open, not only for the 3 predefined ) it would be more handy because in this case I don't need to search the tab which is playing music currently and I don't need to look for media control buttons on the page, Also. as I described above, ads are not blocked (at least on youtube music) and I see (hear) ads almost before every track. The player is just a music site in panel (like the sidebar custom sites). I can open a music site and pin it for example, I even don't need the sidebar in this case and ads are blocked too.
    *It even doesn't adopted to panel, when I resize the panel buttons do overlap.

  • @andrew84 Bug. I don't need the player so I disabled it in Settings but after the browser restart the player is enabled again on the sidebar.

  • @andrew84 Confirmed, however it's still under development, so for sure will be improved.
    If you switch it off under Sidebar Setup > Special Features > Player, it should stay disabled (even after restart), it's here.
    For now, you can also disable the flag #player-service, to not see it at all in the browser.

  • @l33t4opera I can't find the Chromium's flag in Opera #global-media-controls that enables the music/sound icon (popup) in the toolbar. Works in Chrome/Edge.

  • @andrew84 It looks to be because of this, but you can try the switch --disable-features=GlobalMediaControls, if you want to disable it.

  • I use a mac and I want to check for updates but, the opera icon on top didn't show up

  • @yankeedoodlexox You can check for updates by going to opera://about

  • @l33t4opera No, the opposite. I'd like to try how it will work in Opera, but I don't see it even in Opera Beta which is on 86 and I do see it in Edge Canary which is on 87. I use Win8x64.

  • Weird is that the player feature is already enabled by default in flags, but the sidebar 'custom sites' feature (announced a long time ago ) is still disabled and there are no entries in the recent changelogs regarding the feature improvements.

    I still have a suggestion to implement some predefined custom site/panel (let's name it 'Instant Search' as an alternative to the removed InstantSearch feature) that will allow to select search engines and perform a quick search. Similarly like it works in Edge, but with the choice of search engines (like it works in right click context menu 'Search with >', add one more entry 'Search in panel with' + search engine choice in the panel itself like the music sites choice in the upper left corner in the player)



    *and yes, compare how do context menu look in Edge (tiny border + white backgroung) and in Opera (bold/blurry borders + light gray background in contrast to the unified toolbar popups which are white with tiny border). You should unify menus/context menus and bookmarks bar dropdowns too.

  • From time to time I'm experiencing the issue and Opera just doesn't start.
    I can see a single entry in Windows task manager and until I 'end' the task Opera won't start.
    I saw a thread on Opera forum regarding the same issue but I can't find the topic anymore.

  • @andrew84 maybe this one but the topic is deleted. I can't find my reply

  • @andrew84 I checked it, and unfortunately it seems it's not enabled (or not implemented) in the dev UI for now. Otherwise, it can be disabled (disallowed) for some reasons for the time being. Perhaps someone from Opera can drop few words on this one.