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Bookmark manager: Any stand alone programs that integrate well with modern browsers?

  • Opera's bookmark system has its limitations. Its pretty good but I wonder if anybody has found any bookmark system/program/website that they really like a lot. One irritant is creating a bookmark and making sure it goes into the right folder. The problem is the drop down menu (Create in) isn't very big. Mine shows only 9 lines when I click the aisle and to make things much worse all the folders are expanded. This was ridiculous years ago and for some inexplicable reason it hasn't been corrected. It should be scrollable using the entire page's vertical height of course. I have thousands of bookmarks. If something goes into the wrong folder I have to hunt for it. Waste of time. Or I wonder if one could control the height of it somewhere in Opera prefs or Windows Registry. I guess some people save it in a New folder then move it in the Bookmark Manager which works very well I should add. Its just the initial process I'd love to improve.

  • I dont understand. Open bookmark menu, navigate to the right folder, click on "add bookmark here". Done.

  • I think Chrookmarks for Chrome is quite good as a Bookmarks Manager,

    It's the Bookmarks Manager I'm currently using. Another possiblity I've tried and liked is: Neater Bookmarks,

    Play around a bit with them both,and decide which you prefer.

    Either of these bookmark manager extensions will give you, when you click on the extension icon, a nice vertical display of your bookmarks. Indeed, you might even find that with them, you can save space and not show the Personal Bookmarks Bar (which takes up space horizontally across the top of the browser) although that's a matter of taste there. To activate the Personal Bookmarks Bar you need to go Alt. P (Settings), and put a dot in show the bookmarks bar.

    To download a Chrome extension easily, you need the Opera extension, called Download Chrome Extension,

    or Extension Source Viewer,

    One last idea, because you want to be sure the bookmark goes in the right folder. I do think then that you ought to download and install the Opera extension Add Bookmark,

    as it makes taking a bookmark easier,including clicking on the star in the Address bar to add a bookmark, and rather seamlessly, as part of the action of taking the bookmark, placing the bookmark in the folder of your choice. (The heart in the address bar that Opera gives as part of Opera 23 does not do that). You can also access that star in the context menu (right click on the web page), and you get there too, the option of putting the bookmark where you want on your bookmark tree.

  • I think if you have thousands of bookmarks even expanding to 20 lines would help a little but not much. Try typing the first letter of the folder (if you can remember from all those folders), keep pressing the letter and it will cycle through all the folders that start with that letter

  • Actually what you need is something like windows explores with not just rows of bookmarks but multiple columns as well. But sadly your best bet is to try to learn how to code and write a program for yourself, if you have the time and are up to the challenge

  • Actually i heard that standalone programs that do something about exist .
    I did not try still ,
    one is called Linkman by outertech .
    Free and pro version .

    Then :tried beta of developer version (25) they included a bookmark manager ,
    you activate it on opera://flags (type in browser) .
    Then , on speed dial page , top middle is bookmark manager button .
    it opens a large page with your bookmarks , you have to change to list view to see them better.

    Still not "the ball" i hope for (separate panel view ,and custom names/notes would be) ,
    but is something ,(you can access also from opera->bookmarks once activated firefox style)

  • trying
    this... will post if any good

  • Nope, not good!