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The Opera GX doesn't open topic

  • @burnout426 The widget folder is located in Opera\widgets. You need to locate it and then rename or remove it.

  • @naheed I don't have that folder and have never seen it.

  • @naheed said in It won't open:

    The widget folder is located in Opera\widgets.

    @burnout426 So sorry, I think I haven't guided you properly. So, the folder is located in somewhere Program Files or C:\Users > [username] > AppData > Local > Opera > Widgets. Check it and let me know if it helps.

  • @naheed Such folder doesn't exist. There aren't even widgets in Opera.

  • I just installed OperaGX and every time I want to open it, it immediately crashes. I only see the animation thing when I try to open it but then it won't do anything else. I also looked in the Taskmanager wether it was there or not, but I couldn't find anything...
    What could I do to fix this?

  • My opera gx does not open at all, i tried everything and it still wont open. when i try to open it it opens up then cloeses right out after, can someone help mke fix this problem?

  • See for what you can do to help Opera find the problem and fix it.

  • Is anyone here making use of the Microsoft Family feature (Mircosoft Family & Safety) in Windows (Settings > accounts -> Family & other users in Windows 10, parental controls I think in Windows 7)? If so, that's likely the problem. Opera is being blocked access from running (which causes it to start and close) and you need to allow it in the family settings for each user.

    See the edit in this post for more info.

  • I had the same problem, Opera was working fine then i saw an error message on the background, it was about opera gx auto update i closed the error and continued watching youtube, the next day (which is today) i opened the browser everything was normal then i saw the update so i updated the browser. But when i tried to open it it came up with a splash screen then closed itself and never opened, i tried re-installing, running it as administrator but none worked, so i think its about an update that caused the problem.

  • I'm totally new user to Opera and wanted to try out Opera GX.

    Downloaded the automatic installer, everything installs fine, but then when the Opera GX browser is supposed to open, I just get the animated splash screen then it closes and nothing! Re-trying to open Opera GX results in the same disappointing experience! No change if I uninstall or re-install, or if I use the 64-bit specific installer. However, if I use the 32-bit installer, then Opera comes up just fine!

    So ... what gives? This an up-to-date Windows 10 PC and has never had Opera browser before. It does have Google Chrome browser installed however, my previous browser. Used this installer: Opera_GX_73.0.3856.438_Setup_x64.exe, the latest as of this writing.
    No error or exception dialog pops up, so really no clue why I can't run the 64-bit version of Opera GX but I'd like to make you aware of the issue or figure out my problem and get it fixed.

  • Opera GX just won't open, I already tried uninstalling more than 3 times, cleaning the cache and% appdata% but the problem continues, Opera GX just shows its logo animation but the browser never opens. asd.PNG

  • @elrroccopa

    Do Windows Key + R and paste -"%LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\Opera GX\launcher.exe" -uninstall (with the -uninstall, don't delete anything)

    Make sure that Delete my Data is UNCHECKED and uninstall the app.

    Download an old offline installer from the links - 64 bit OR 32 Bit:
    ➡ x64 -
    ➡ x32 -

    Disconnect from the internet and run the installers

    Do Windows Key + R and paste -"%LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\Opera GX\73.0.3856.438"

    From there delete the opera_autoupdater.exe, and do the same from 73.0.3856.438_0 or similar if they exist

    Run Opera GX normally

  • @quik Thanks that fixed the problem it runs all fine now

  • I recently installed opera gx and got everything setup. After I restarted my computer I realized that opera would rarely open and if it did no pages would load. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and also logging into a local windows account instead of using my microsoft account but nothing seems to work.