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  • Can I turn off Easy Files? I can't find any settings with which to do this, and it's honestly more of a pain for me than a help. The vast majority of the time, if I need to upload a file to a web site, it has nothing whatsoever to do with anything I've recently downloaded. Having this popover come up every time I click an upload link is annoying AF.

  • Replying to myself: Never mind, I found that the almost-invisible X in the corner of the popover gives me the option to not show it again. Please stop following the trend of hiding controls and options until hover or click!

  • Bring the "closed tabs" back. "History" is inconvenient to use.

  • Did you check your "flow" in connection with google pixel 3a? It does not work...!

  • Hello (not again). Opera has started following the annoying pattern of Firefox where after every trivial "update" you think it is necessary to interrupt every user by hijacking their opening screen with a damn ad for Opera. Guess what? I'm already using Opera -- that's how you got to display your stupid ad! If I want to know what you think you fixed or 'improved' with the latest update I can go to your website to see it. When I open a link in my browser, I expect the browser to go where I told it to -- not to some silly ad for a product I'm already using.

  • @XaunLoc Unless something is really wrong in your installation, the "ad" opens in a separate tab, in both Firefox and Opera. So if you switched into Opera by clicking a link outside of Opera, your chosen page is still loading in its own tab. You're not losing any time except the trivial time it takes to close the superfluous tab. (Command-W and/or Alt-F4 ought to be second nature.)

    I'm not saying you're wrong to bring this up as a minor annoyance, but it seems like an awfully trivial hill to choose to die on.

    (For the record, I like to know when an app has updated behind my back. It gives me suspect #1 if anything doesn't work the way it used to.)

  • @quantumpanda - Oh, I agree that it is a minor annoyance and no it's not "a hill I would die on" - but it is an annoyance that any competent and customer-focused developer would either avoid or make optional. I mentioned it mostly for two reasons:

    1. Opera had just now annoyed me with it, and a place to complain about it was just a click away;
    2. So far as my experience, this annoyance was a new facet of Opera (while previously Firefox was the only browser where I encountered this particular stupidity). I had a probably vain hope that the developers might be at least slightly interested in the opinion of their supposed customer

    This isn't the only minor annoyance in Opera, or even the worst (if simply because the updates aren't excessively frequent, while my pet peeve with Opera is a twice daily occurrence).

  • Could you bring instant search back? It was killer feature for me

  • The only thing left to solidify Opera as my go-to browser for everything would be front-end profiles with usability in mind. I know it's the same tired banner that everyone's likely sick of by now - "you can make multiple profiles by making desktop links," "use this extension that you need to figure out yourself," etc.

    But come on. How can the most requested feature of this browser somehow not be already in one of these updates or in development? And if it is in development, could the Opera team please, pretty please with a cherry on top, send us a message? A simple Tweet is all I ask. Just "hey, we have heard all of you, for the past couple of years we have been around. It's coming." That alone would do wonders for this browser, and I would finally be able to ditch Chrome once and for all.

  • @majeru: I agree with that. They remove useful features and add useless stuff nobody asked for.

  • Instead could you just fix the adblocker in Opera for Android so it actually blocks ads and sponsored posts and stop adding spam to speed dial?

  • @Lord-Blizzard

    Haha, where do you think Opera's revenue comes from, if not for those sponsored ads and speed dial tiles (not to mention the data mining)?