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How to unhide an email account in Opera Mail?

  • I was trying to make more space on the left column and hid a mail account. I thought there would naturally be a way of unhiding it yet I see nowhere to do that. When I right click the empty space underneath my accounts in the left column, then "Show Messages From", it says All Messages. I would have thought the account I had hidden would be unchecked and I could check it to unhide it. No such luck!

  • In the panel, do you see a wrench icon at the top right? If you click that, you get a list of sections to hide or show them in the panel.

  • You can show/hide mail accounts in opera mail. To unhide it again, left-click the slanted wrench icon on the mail panel toolbar and check the account's checkbox. On the side, the settings for this are in index.ini.

  • @sgunhouse There are 2 wrenches on the right of the page, the left one sits vertically pointing up and the right one points at 2:00 o'clock. Then there is another one that pops up. None of these 3 seem to unhide anything.

    Found the index.ini page. What line do I alter to unhide the account?

  • @helloyou2016 I further botched it. Now I can't see my drop down mail folders like Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Outbox, Trash....Isn't there a way to reset this?

  • The panel itself might be hidden; try pressing F4 on the keyboard. (On modern keyboards you may have to hold a Fn key to access the function keys like F4.)

    The wrench I was referring to is inside the panel, above the list of views (next to Compose and the Check/Send button).

  • @sgunhouse Yes the Panel (using F4) is always displayed). I remember what you're talking about. But I removed it before to streamline the appearance. Big mistake. How can I reset all the buttons to default? Or put it back using index.ini?

  • index.ini has no effect on hiding or showing the panel. That would be something in the profile. Once you get the panel back, index.ini can determine which sections are shown in it. I'm no longer at my desktop so other details will have to wait - but did you also disable F7?

  • @sgunhouse as I said I can show or hide the panel on the left easily with F4. That works. What the designers seemed to forget was putting in the Show option. Who has a Hide option without a Show option? F7 doesn't do anything. I also tried it with Shift and Control.
    What I need to do is revert the layout back to what it was when I first started using it. How does one do that? I can't even see Received, Sent, Drafts, Spam, Trash and whatever they call New or Unread at the top. That's also gone. Where does Opera control these things? Surely in index.ini?

  • As far as buttons, any toolbar should have Customize > Reset toolbar to its defaults on the context menu. And if you want a button that has Unread and all that stuff on it (if your setup isn't completely borked) there is one available in Customize > Appearance under Buttons > Mail, but as far as I can see it only shows what is available in the panel.

    Editing index.ini is not trivial and could really mess things up, so generally I wouldn't recommend it. If the section for your account is missing (and you're still receiving mail so that the account itself is still there) I couldn't guess what it should look like ...

  • @sgunhouse Got it back! You Are the star! 🙂 For some reason the button "Reset toolbar to its defaults" (Tools, Appearance, Buttons) was greyed out but I got it back by right clicking the area just above the left column panel. The designer of this must have been drunk. What a garbled bunch of illogical options. Also, so many wrenches. I'll never understand why people don't put All options clearly on the menu bar. File, Edit, View, hard is that? No, no....let's scatter them with little wrenches all over the place making the user guess which area to right click for something magical to appear. No wonder Opera never caught on. It took so long to figure it out. Sure it was a great browser for its day and offered options no other could come close to but good design should be simple at first then offer more and more as you get more into it.

  • I'm not sure why they got rid of the menu bar in the first place ...