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How do I transfer data from firefox to OperaGX?

  • There was no option in the Import Data and Bookmarks drop down menu.
    All I could find in web browser search was from opera to firefox and not the other way around. Made an account just to ask this question.

  • 2020-09-02_170226.png

  • @gremlics Avoid answering with just an image because it means nothing without a context.

  • @leocg Sorry if I'm misunderstanding what you mean. The context is "I"m posting a screenshot which answers the OP's question about how to import data from Firefox". It thought that was apparent from the screenshot, but I guess not completely.

  • @gremlics Let's make things clear then: You can't reply with just and image.

  • Yes, you can import data from Firefox. You need to go to Opera setting, then Browser > Click on "Import Bookmarks and Settings."

  • @chadek I am also having this issue and I know this post is old, but was there any way that was found to fix this? Here is an image of what I am sure chadek is experiencing. image_2021-09-12_101535.png As you can see, there is simply no option to import from FireFox. I have looked around at some other forum posts and nothing has seemed to work. Although some mentioned the possibility of the importing not working due to a mismatch in the browsers version. (i.e. 32-bit or 64-bit) What I have gathered is that it could be possible to import as long as both browsers have the same version. However, I hope someone has already figured this out and has a fix to this. Otherwise, I would greatly appreciate some help as I would love to fully make this switch over.

  • @realbignate I can see Firefox listed here. Try reinstalling Firefox and, then, Opera.

  • @leocg I was about to uninstall them both and reinstall, but when I opened the Firefox uninstaller wizard, it gave me an option to refresh Firefox. I clicked it and I believe it created a fresh build of Firefox, then I checked Opera GX's settings to find that Firefox was now an available option. I clicked import for all of my data and now I am all set to go! Thank you for your help!