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[Suggestion] Disable new bookmark naming dialog prompt

  • Hello,
    I'm used to quickly creating new bookmarks in other browsers by drag-dropping tabs into the bookmarks bar, without additional user input. It's quick and easy.
    Opera asks me for a bookmark name every time. I almost never need to change the default name. The prompt gets annoying after a while, but the truly surprising part is that there seems to be no way to disable it. I searched in Settings, and also searched the forums but didn't find anything.

    Please consider providing an option to disable the name prompt.
    Thank you!

  • @gremlics I so agree with you. It's an insane and utterly time-wasting interruption to workflow. If I want to rename a bookmark, i can do that later. But not once have i ever changed a name in this intrusive forced step. Sometimes I wonder if Opera has any true usability/ UX experts on staff. There are too many examples like this that tends to point to no experts, probably just UI and front end developers.

    Google & Chrome can be frustrating at times, but with primary functionality, they've user tested their functions with eye tracking heat maps that show gaps in user expectations from current functional implementations. Opera clearly doesn't user-test other than probably the in-house team.

  • @quicksite I dont see any difference between Opera GX, Edge and Firefox in case of setting a bookmark, its the same (even presetting for hotkey)
    -> select icon / press ctrl+d -> select finish

  • @jkels They are very different when using drag & drop, as I explained. Again, in other browsers I'm able to grab a tab, and drop it into the bookmark bar or any folder on the bar, without requiring any additional user input. That's not possible in Opera - when you do that, it always prompts the user to rename the new bookmark, which is completely unnecessary and annoying, because I very rarely need to rename my newly created bookmarks. So there should be an on/off toggle in the settings, or just disable the prompt.

    And the methods you suggested with Ctrl+D or bookmark button require even more user inputs and navigating sub-menus so I never use those. This is about using mouse only, and putting the bookmark exactly where I want via dragging, without extra obstacles.