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Adblocker Stopped Working on YT

  • I recommend you guys to install AdBlocker from Chrome and then you will no longer see those annoying ads
    These two:9772fcbc-658e-4e57-9fcf-a042ccb57bab-image.png

  • The Opera has been updated, but the problem with blocking ads on YouTube is still not fixed, how long can we wait? We have been waiting all summer and autumn month, why can't you fix it and return it as before?

  • It looks like Google outsmarted AdBlock, so a solution I found is only patience. At the start of any video, you will see " An error ocurred" screen. You need to wait for 5 seconds, and the video will resume immediately. So, try this until Opera has a soluti

  • No, I just don't understand that they can't fix it for so long, although there was no problem before

  • @LIMBOH Yes, it needs to be fixed, and I have seen numerous posts about this problem on various forums. Let see when they are going to fix it.

  • Can you tell us how long to wait for the ad blocker fix, which we can't wait for more than 4 months, so there are also two ads per video?

  • For more than 4 months now, we have been waiting for the ad blocker to be redone. But now it has gotten an even worse turnover: now there are two ads on with a white screen and a "Skip ads" button, and in some sites you go in like you see no ads (for example, and as soon as you go to another mail or a profile of how the ad appears. I am asking you to fix Opera ad blocker because it does not work correctly.

  • Hey so some month now my ad block just showing a white screen with a skip button, when i install this on my friends pc the ad block works fine any typ how to fix this?

    ![alt text](2745ec17-7cc9-49df-9303-6635e82e2c5d-image.png image url)

  • YouTube is still showing its ads, even after restarting the browser and changing settings to default 😞

  • Everytime I get an ad at the start of a video, it doesn't hide it, it just gives me a white screen.
    Is there any fix to this?

  • yeah i have the same thing abp does not work either
    37bebd72-7840-4a96-8756-87212ebb3ff8-image.png so i dont know man

  • @sionecle
    Go to opera://settings/adBlockerLists and update the lists for Opera's built-in adblocker.
    If that doesn't solve it, you can download and use uBlock Origin

    Also, don't use multiple adblockers at once as it might cause problems/slow down your browser.

  • The only way I found to fix this is by installing Tempermonkey extension and then Auto Close Youtube Ads from Greasy Fork:

    It makes the white splash be displayed but just for some minimum instants before it automatically disappears.