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General Opera GX Feedback Topic

  • Really clean design and overall nice browser - that being said, here are some things I would like to see:

    Something I found while writing this in a Youtube comment was that when you use auto correct on a word, the entire sentence becomes highlighted red, and the only thing you can to change it back is to undo. Even if the sentence is grammatically correct and spelled correctly, it still happens some of the times.
    When you enable Razer Chroma, the real life color is often different to the browser selected color. Can we have a manual edit mode, where you can just change chroma colours from the browser?

    When viewing a long PDF (such as a textbook), The numbers get screwed after 100 and just don't show up after a while at the top.
    For Force Dark mode, Perhaps there could be an extra feature where if the page has an inbuilt dark mode, it requests if you would like to use that instead? Building off from that, for the most popular websites, such as Youtube, can there be a manual dark mode implemented, so that things like the bar at the bottom don't show up as a weird white gradient
    Can there be an option where the Sidebar is hidden until you put your cursor on the right side of the screen and it kinda slides out?

    For Twitch, as far as I know there is no way to disable notifications, so that we be cool also.
    A line-art version of the discord and Messenger logo would be kinda cool but idk if its possible.
    When using GX Control, there is no way to customize the icons in the bottom (as far as I know). Personally, id prefer them without the Green glow, so having that option to change that would be cool.
    Finally, Although it is a very personal Nit-pick, I find the name speed dial to be..... a bit weird? As far as I know, every other browser just calls things a new tab, so why shouldn't every new tab you open be called "new tab"? I get that its about the little widgets on the front but honestly I think it could do with a name change.
    Overall though , iv switched over to the new browser and i'm very happy with it! It looks great, has nice customization, and runs really smoothly. The added sounds that it makes honestly just improve the experience, but it is nice that for the people that dont like it, it can be turned off. It has a built in VPN and overall is exactly what I was looking for in a browser. Thanks!