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  • BABE button “Send your opinion”, is not working.

  • Dark mode for the 'Search in tabs' popup is finally here.

    • There's a bug, by the way. After opening the popup a first item is always focused (doesn't matter if this recently closed or only open tabs, dark or light theme).
      I guess that:
    1. Currently active tab should be highlighted while opening the popup.
    2. Active tab should stay highlighted while moving the cursor (2nd type of highlighting should be used for the hovered items). That's how it works in Tab menu.
    • DNA-87923 Fix BABE layout
      Layout (scaling) is still broken if page zoom in Settings is set more than 100%.

    • DNA-87766 [PIP] When clicking on timeline the volume indicator jumps to the full
      Fixed, but play/pause button still flickers (play>pause) while clicking on timeline.
      alt text

  • I still don't have other devices button on my stable up to date opera.

  • @balcis That's "normal", it never really worked as should.

    By the way, I'm seeing it here.

  • Maybe selected item's fav icon should on the white backgound (like it works for the addess bar dropdown)

    Also, 'open tabs' and 'recently closed' titles text is hardly readable.

  • Is it an intended change that settings (open full page/in panel) for the History/Bookmarks in the sidebar setup also affects OMenu?
    If in the sidebar setup is selected 'open in panel', then OMenu > History/Bookmarks opens in panel as well. I think this is not correct.

  • @kened The old way, with the pages opening in a new tab, were better for me.

  • The function "Clear browsing data (CRTL + H) has an error. The window is looping when clicking on" clearing data "

  • @andrew84 One more thing is that when I hover a tab in TabMenu the background tab on the toolbar is also highlighted (also tab preview is shown). No such behavior in 'Search in tabs'.

    • It must be realized now how tiny but functional/handy the TabMenu was.
  • @leocg: I believe that this way the navigation is more fluid, but there could be an option menu for the user to choose between the two ways to open links.

  • Still, the pip button only appears on Netflix, if the user clicks on the end of the video. After that it is possible to return to any part of the video; pip button will be available.

    • DNA-87798 Remove”Show more” hover state

    Why.. how to determine now that this is a button? The button looks like a domain text in the list, the hand cursor should be applied at least.

    Also, the inactive button is more visible than 'Recently closed' text itself in dark mode.
    Active button is weird blue.

  • Add quick action buttons, like in Quick Access (I suggest even more buttons to add Print/Save as/Full screen/Find.. Snapshot is not necessary as it seems)
    Make sections collapsable. The same story was with Quick Access feature, not all users need top sites (I'm afraid that most don't need)

  • When I open the download page (CTRL-J) I have to press the tab button twice to reach the button "Erase download list". Before it was only one tab. Is this a wanted changing?
    W10x64, Operax64

  • Destination marker is still not visible(on all channels) in dark mode when reordering bookmarks inside bookmarks bar folders.

  • @ralf-brinkmann: The same on history page. Search field must be focused.

    • DNA-87850 [History] add advanced history search feature

    I don't know if this from Chromium, but I liked the advanced search feature on History page.

  • Another one bug related to the BABE scaling/layout appeared in this build (additionally to this one

    On 1366 x 768 laptop, page zoom in Settings is set to 100%, I don't see 'Recently closed' and 'Visit again' sections. To see all the sections I must set page zoom in Setting to 80%. I guess the Enhanced Address Bar should not react (Quick Access feature didn't) on page zoom in Settings, but the 100% zoom issue for 1368x768 display must be fixed.

    • 100%

    • 80%

    • 125% (items are cut at the bottom, happens also on 1920 x 1080 display )

  • Please bring back the flag option to disable/enable the Reborn R3 dropbar. thank you!