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The topic for things that were answered/discussed lost of times already

  • How do I get rid of Google in the speed dial search bar? I want to search with duckduckgo not google. I would also like to be able to
    delete the search engines don't want from the list of them.

  • @terrybass Check the rules and the FAQ

  • Hello, I use Opera on my Windows PC, an Android mobile phone and an Android tablet.

    On all devices I have defined different quick selection favourites due to different purposes.

    I use the latest versions, I am logged in with a user account and synchronisation is enabled on all devices.

    On the Android devices I can access the speed-dial favourites of the other devices (own speed-dial button to switch to the speed-dial favourites of the other devices).

    My question: with Opera on the Windows PC, I cannot access the quick picks of the Android devices. It works the other way round. Where can I set Opera for Windows to show me the speed dial favourites of the other devices? shows the devices, but the speed dials are not accessible (encrypted).

    Thank you for your answers and stay healthy


  • @ichbinhappy When you click on the tabs icon in sidebar, you don't see them?

  • @leocg Hello, thank you very much for the quick reply. I am glad about it and thank you.

    I can reach the quick-dial favourites on the Windows PC. However, only the favourites from the PC are displayed, not the quick-dial areas of the Android devices.

    As I said, with Opera on the Android devices, I can access the speed-dial favourites of other devices. On my Windows PC, I only see the Speed Dial buttons from the PC.

    Many greetings from Germany! Jan

  • @leocg Unbenannt.PNG

  • I miss that button on Opera Windows tho access the speed dials from my other devices


  • @ichbinhappy Sorry, I made a confusion. Speed Dials from other devices can be found in Other Speed Dials in the bookmarks manager page.

  • @leocg Thank you very much for your solution.

    It's not quite as convenient as on the Android devices but it works.

    Now I am only looking for possibilities

    • to integrate the messenger Threema and
    • as the default search engine
      as default search engine. I have already set Ecosia as another search engine (start with e in the search).

    Many greetings from Germany!


  • @ichbinhappy said i:

    to integrate the messenger Threema

    If it has a web version, you can try enabling opera://flags/#sidebar-site-panel and it it yourself. If there isn't a web version, it can't be integrated.

  • @ichbinhappy said: as the default search engine

    Only pre-defined search engines can be set as the default one.

  • When I add SpeedDial bookmarks to one computer say Computer A, I expect to see the same set of speedial on a different computer (Computer 😎 where bookmarks syncing is turned on.

    However, as it is now, we get 2 sets of SpeeDial folders in Bookmarks, one for computer A and another for computer B. If I'm on computer B, I have to navigate to Bookmarks, then go to Bookmarks for computer A, and choose what I need. This is crazy!

    Synched Speedial bookmarks between computers should be transparent. If I add a new speedial in A, I should automatically see it in B or C or D, if same user is logged on and syncing is turned on. Without the additional steps of navigating to a different bookmarks folder.

    Am I missing something here?? Thanks in advance!!

  • @atangyp Nope, that's how it works. if you want, you can copy the content of other speed dials to your current Speed Dial.

  • @leocg OK no worries. Since I posted, I've found others postings similar to mine. Other users having similar problem and also requested this be added as a feature to Opera Browser. To allow us the option to sync Speed Dial across different computers. Since this feature is still not yet available till now, I assume that Opera is not interested in doing this at all. Will look at other browsers. Thanks.

  • Hello there! I got problem with Opera Search, when the first word in the searched sentence is "w", Opera automatically searches Wikipedia. How to turn off this thing, because it`s really annoying to me.


    Thanks for help

  • @orkork Not possible.

  • Hello, i'm new here and need some help. I have a Mac running on Osx El capitan 10.11.6 and can't upgrade it to a newest version because it's too old. my version of Opera is Version :74.0.3911.107. I just want to know how i can put Quant as my favorite search engine instead of Google or others. I have tried to ad Quant in the search engine list but i dont understand the % request and i don't understand how to ad Quant in the default choice list of search engine. Sorry for my english, i'm french...
    ave a nice day

  • @brunolompech It's not possible, only the pre-defined search engines can be set as default.

  • Is there a way to add custom thumbnail to speed dial icons?

  • @davem It's not possible.