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Eternal loading after have selected what to sync

  • Hi, I wanted to sync all passwords from the opera account. I deleted the opera and data and reinstalled, and now I want to sync passwords from the opera account, but it will show that this download does not end:68ee6397-ffd8-4962-ab8b-1ce9b2eef0f1-image.png

  • @saidalo When it happens? Just after you have logged in?

  • @leocg This happens when I want to sync passwords

  • @saidalo What are the steps to try to reproduce the problem?

  • I don’t know and I’m asking you

  • @saidalo You are the one reporting the issue, so you are the one who should say how to try to reproduce the issue.


  • It's not hard to reproduce the sync failure. Log in to Opera on one computer. Set up any of the data that is supposed to be synced. Log in to opera on another computer. The data is not synced.

    I don't know about his problem syncing passwords, but I've spent the last hour trying to get my laptop and desktop computers to sync the saved addresses I use for autofill. Sync simply isn't working.

  • @XaunLoc The issue here is not data not being synced but that loading circle that seems to never go away.
    I can't reproduce the issue here.

  • I am was experiencing the same. Enter login credentials, select items to sync and watch a never ending loading circle.
    Restart browser. Sync message says there was an issue with passwords which were encrypted with old password. Sync with passwords deselected .. watch never ending loading circle .. Grrrrrr

    Restart browser (Ignoring warning (didn't even read it)). Sync appears to have gone through (green), profile page has all my bookmarks listed as synced. Opera on Android has access to all bookmarks.

    Should be said that I have recently used the "reset passphrase" feature as it was a several years old password (read: forgotten ages ago). Seems the phrase reset works now .. didn't 18 months ago which is why I uninstalled Opera then.

    To Opera: Sync seems to hang on something which makes it look like it is stuck, maybe set a max time per item being synced and auto abort after. One can always resync if network is to blame as you have a "sync now" button somewhere .. right!?!

    To original poster: Sync again, when it hangs try restarting browser and deselect items from sync until you either get a green light or run out of stuff to deselect .. remember to report back .. any/all data is valuable when it comes to troubleshooting code 🙂

    Kindest regards
    Ulf Meisner-Jensen