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Cannot view flick galleries, redirects to some geo json

  • Hi,
    For some reason I cannot view Flickr galleries with Opera Mini. If I click a flickr link, the gallery or image may show for short period but it is automatically redirected to page that shows XML code.

    In fact, just trying to open "" just goes to and page contents are:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <query xmlns:yahoo=""
    yahoo:count="1" yahoo:created="2014-07-30T07:15:53Z"
    yahoo:lang="en-US"><results><result>0 ywamob, 1 geo. 1 geo, 0 ywa.</result></
    results></query><!-- total: 147 -->
    <!-- -->

    Any ideas what to do with the problem, is there anything I can do or is it something that must be changed at Opera Mini rendering/caching servers?


  • Oh yes, forgot the technical specs:
    Nokia N8, Opera Mini 7.1.32448 (native Symbian, not Java version).

    BTW, is there a way to edit your own posts after submitting?


  • works for me via google search. Could be api keys (cookies deletion should help) or https redirection issue.

  • See that gear icon under your post count left of the message text? It is very light in color and thus hard to see ... if you click it, it displays options for that post. Having said that, there is a bug - if you just posted a comment, the menu on the gear icon doesn't update until you reload the page. Second, there is a 30 minute limit on editing posts

  • dirgas:
    I went to the URL you linked, but still ended up in the page. Deleting cookies didn't help either. Even sometimes when page loading takes longer, and the correct Flickr page is shown during the load, I cannot browse the page because it is loading. And if I manually stop the load, it won't stay on Flickr but goes to the geo xml page.

    Thanks, now I see the gear (although it is hard to see, and to me looks like an eye with long lashes :). Good to know the 30 min limit, that should be enough for quick fixes.

  • My bad, I'm not able to sign in with Yahoo account via Opera Mini j2me so that's why doesn't load in error.