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OperaGX wont open/it keeps crashing.

  • Is anyone here making use of the Microsoft Family feature (Mircosoft Family & Safety) in Windows (Settings > accounts -> Family & other users in Windows 10, parental controls I think in Windows 7)? If so, that's likely the problem. Opera is being blocked access from running (which causes it to start and close) and you need to allow it in the family settings for each user.

    See the edit in this post for more info.

  • @burnout426 thank you this helped me and it works now

    • Windows

    • Cant figure out the version but it should be latestOPera gx sc.jpg
      So the problem is that when I open up opera gx the web doesn't show up It opens up in task manager and as you can see the opera gx loading animation shows up but as soon as the animations done nothing happens. It work for me before when I first got it but after uninstalling to update the web didn't work anymore so i uninstalled it for like 5 months and now trying again and still doesn't work. I even tried looking inside task manager to see if it was stacking there but there's nothing there so i don't know what to do. I tried most of the steps on the post talking about opera gx problems but look like it still doesn't work.

  • @livingston See above

  • Im on Windows
    I just installed Opera GX so I have no idea what the version is.
    Whenever I launch Opera GX it goes through the logo sequence with the chime, after that a window pops up for half a second and then instantly dissapearsThelogochime.PNG ^^The Logo sequence

  • @halo58 See above

  • I Installed Opera then i log on and it it was working, then i restarted my PC after it it was opening but when i clicked anything it closed. It happend everytime that I try opening it
    Opera Version: 71.0.3770.302 (Name of the folder)
    Windows Version: Windows 10 Pro
    The Problem is not a link as i think
    I just restarted my pc and not than it started not working
    I wanted it to work and it's not working now.

  • See to see if it helps.

  • Whenever i try and start Opera GX, it either immediately closes or it plays the start up intro then never opens. Tried uninstalling and re installing and it does not help. Had this problem in the past, reset my computer recently and still isn't working. Any solutions?

  • @FearzY Check aove

  • My Opera does not turn on, and more precisely, when turning on, there is a sound and the Opera Gx logo, then a white window pops up for about 1 second, then it turns off. I have already tried to install it and uninstall it with various programs to no avail, recently I even replaced the disk in my laptop and even though it is still the same problem.

  • @FearzY me OperaGX too 😞

  • @leocg In my case, disabling the firewall does nothing, as well as reinstalling OperaGX with various programs, running as administrator and in compatibility mode, and even replacing the disk on the device.

  • First for the info, I am using windows 10 and am trying to run the newest version of Opera GX. So, about a year ago I installed Opera and Opera GX on my computer. I had a great time using them until about 2 months in when I just couldn't open them. It would just flash for a millisecond like a window was going to open but it then immediately closed. This happened with both Opera and Opera GX. I tried restarting my computer, uninstalling and reinstalling them, as well as deleting my user data and reinstalling. Recently I've gotten a new PC so I decided I'd try and open Opera GX. I tried and the exact same thing happened. I tried then with Opera and it happened again. I really want to use Opera GX but I'm not sure what to do. The fact that it has followed me from one PC to another makes me think that it has to do with my windows account but I have no idea.

  • my problem is in my windows profile how can i fix it

  • I'm having a problem opening Opera GX on my PC. I just downloaded it, but when I click on it to open it, it doesn't. I do see about 2 frames of a window border popping up, so it could be immediately crashing. I am not sure why though. Can anyone help me sort through this?

  • Your OS (Linux, Mac, Windows)
    Windows 10

    Your version of Opera
    72.0.3815.459 (GX)
    73.0.3856.284 (Base)

    A screen-shot of the problem if it's related to something not showing as should
    N/A, I'm not fast enough on the draw to catch the window and it's just a white square anyway

    A description of the problem, including as much as information as possible
    I have a fresh computer with Windows 10 and a fresh install of Opera, unused and unaltered because of this problem. My previous computer on 8.1 used GX fine.
    When I open either Opera or Opera GX, the window flashes up onscreen and closes instantly. If I open more than one tab at once, it works for a few seconds, but repeatedly gives the usual popup asking if I'm sure I'd like to close with multiple tabs, then eventually goes ahead and closes anyway.
    Uninstalled McAfee, disabled real-time protection and firewall on Windows Defender, ran the installer again, no success
    Could this be related to Microsoft Family Features? It's giving popups and restricting me I try Chrome and Firefox

    Steps to (try to) reproduce the issue
    Use a fresh computer with Windows 10, download Opera or Opera GX, try to run either of them

    Expected behavior and actual one
    -Opera or Opera GX remain open when executed
    -Opera and Opera GX do not remain open when executed

  • @Sniblet See above.

  • It boots up and plays the startup animation but the browser itself will not load and I have tried every solution I could find except making a new profile and downloading which I have done but I want to know what I can copy and paste from the start and what I need to slowly check if it works.