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  • First I want to say sorry for my bad English, I will try to explain as much as I can. Well I saw on a YouTube video how hacking actually work and I saw in that video a website called pwndb or something like that, I went to check out the website, I found it and tried to open it, it didn't worked, I tried to open it 5 times and it didn't worked. The description worked fine but the website not, it only told me I accessed the page 5 times and the date, even though I didn't open and not even a single error just clicking but not working, after that I saw that the website had the termination .onion PS: at that time I didn't had the VPN enabled. What I want to know may sound a little bit weird but, I will have problems with police, criminals,murdurers or things like that? Btw when I checked my ip it told me that I have been blacklisted with something called Sphaus I think. Pls help

  • @davijdvsro If you will have problems with the police may depend on your country laws, but I don't think you will.

    Regarding your IP being put in a list of blocked ones, you will need to explain it better.

  • Any .onion site can only be accessed if you have Tor installed. The rest just qualifies as any other typo, as far as Opera is concerned. Whether your ISP would report you to police (for what - being an idiot?) .... well doubtful.

  • Well for my IP blacklist I think it was something called spamhaus, a think called pbl, for not meeting their policy with the email, well here where I live (Europe,Romania) I don't think it's a problem, because we have one of the biggest cracking website in the world and they only closed the domain( they opened a new domain) and thanks, I really was scared when I saw I accidentally tried to open a .onion link (and found my IP is not blacklisted, is only a email problem that the ,, IP LOCKUP REVERSE,,told me it's blacklisted) thank you all very much!

  • @leocg And when I said about the police and criminals and things like that it was for the story I heard about deep web

  • @davijdvsro Most probably a high amount of spam have been sent from your ISP and, therefore, its IPs addresses were put in a block list.

  • @leocg yes that's it, I read on their site and they told me the same