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[Feedback] Opera GX

  • I like this browser so far and it has a lot of features on board, that are desirable and that I wished other browsers had, but it also has a few flaws, which seem minor, but hold me back from using it as my main browser. I will list them here, and might add to it, if I find more.
    Most of these are quality of life features, which I am so used to from other browsers, that it very hard to live without them.

    • The "+", to open a new tab at the top of the window doesn't go all the way to the top of the window. More often than not I find myself clicking right above the "+" and wonder, why no new tab was opened.
    • When I drag a tab to my second screen, it isn't maximised automatically, but rather is about half of the size of the monitor. Further, if I drag a tab to the top of the screen, it also doesn't maximise it.
    • On a similar note, when I drag a tab from one screen into the tab bar of another opened instance of the browser, it doesn't immediately reattach to the window, but rather it stays its own instance.

    These are all just minor things, but together they make me not want to use the browser, at least not as my main one. I hope that helped you, so you can maybe add a few of these features.

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