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Opera 69.0.3686.36 failed to sync and crash

  • My Opera 69.0.3686.36 could not be synchronized,
    It keeps loading, if I touch it it will crash and I cannot use it.
    (My operating system is the latest Windows 10 ver 2004).
    Opera's synchronization feature was great in the past, but from a few recent versions it synced very slowly and until the last two versions completely collapsed. I have made the Default Restore but the result is still the same! Sad 😞

    • I am a fan of Opera, have used Opeta nearly 10 years.
      I'm Vietnamese, I use Google Translate to post so it may not be exact English, but hopefully the Opera development team can still understand my ideas.
      I am looking forward to the next updated version.
  • Same here, thanks for posting......I thought I was alone with the problem...
    Please post here if there is a solution, I would not like to do without this otherwise great browser.
    Best regards

  • Yes, this is my first post in this forum, if there is anything new about this I will update here 🙂

  • I updated Opera today and have the same problem. Ugh, why do updates always screw up something that works just fine? Last time I updated Windows the system deleted a whole folder for no reason.

  • @ViktorCherkashin1999 I have never had a problem updating Windows. I'm just sad because of the Opera browser synchronization issue in the last 2-3 versions. I usually open a lot of tabs and every password I save is there. I really need to sync it on all devices.

  • Update to the latest version 69.0.3686.49
    Result: Still having trouble syncing! 😢
    The previous versions synchronize very gently and quickly, only a few minutes is completed 👌
    Why are newer versions so? 😣

  • Hello, I have been using the Vivaldi browser for the last few days and I must say I am very impressed. The browser is developed by the last Opera boss Jon von Tetzchner and I must say, hats off. The thing is fast, has pretty much all the beloved features of the modern Opera on board and makes a definitely stable impression. Just give it a try instead of getting annoyed.
    See you soon, and let me hear your experiences.

    Btw, Sync works fine and without any Probs ......

  • @tontulongvan Happend by me too on 2 PC

  • @jwjoker I also heard about Vivaldi. Ok, I'll give it a try 😁

  • @fdmz I have the same problem on my desktop and laptop, which proves it's a browser error. And only the synchronization feature login error, in addition, everything is normal.
    But I really need the synchronization feature 😞

  • @tontulongvan said in Opera 69.0.3686.36 failed to sync and crash:

    @jwjoker I also heard about Vivaldi. Ok, I'll give it a try 😁

    And? Did ya tested? What d'ya think of it? Even now, after a few days, I still like it.
    I don't feel like trying something new all the time, I think I'll stick with it for now