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  • @melving24 By default Opera opens with the tabs that were opened in the last session.

  • @melving24 You can click on the smiley icon at the address bar to report issues with a page.

  • @vegelund

    Thank you.

    I neglected to provide a full context as to why I wish this particular behaviour.

    1. Copying and pasting a URL from the address bar in Opera into Messages on a Mac pastes it as a hyperlink:
      Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 7.53.56 PM.png
      From Firefox:
      Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 7.54.39 PM.png
      From Chrome:
      Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 7.55.18 PM.png
      From Safari:
      Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 7.55.44 PM.png

    In that context, I want the paste to be plain text. Messages will then turn it into a live link, which I prefer.

    It does paste in Word as a plain text string, so obviously something between the way Opera and Messages are interacting in macOS is changing that paste behaviour in Messages.

    None of the other browsers, as shown, function that way with Messages, and since I often copy and paste shared links from the browser to Messages, it is causing usability issues for workflow efficiency, so at the moment, Opera in that regard is not a preferred browser choice.

    1. I should not have to press an additional key to open a bookmark in a new tab. It should be the default action. How is it at all logical to believe I wish to browse to a new site/page and obliterate the existing site/page I am presently on? That's back to the Dark Age of browsers pre-tabs. In that sense, Mozilla Firefox is the only browser that implements that functionality in a logical manner, and seeing as it was the first mainstream browser to implement tabs in 2003, they got it right right out of the gate. After 17 years, the others still haven't figured this out. They could always incorporate that functionality, and if someone didn't like that behaviour, make it user-selectable in the Preferences. I am certainly well aware of forcing a new tab by pressing Command+click.

    2. I clearly stated Firefox switches to a tab when hovering on it using the add-on extension Tab Mix Plus. It is not a base function of Firefox, and I did not say it was. You state that it "makes no sense for usability," but clearly others do believe it makes sense, as the developer of the Tab Mix Plus extension made that hovering delay automatically switch to that tab a helpful functionality which I happen to greatly appreciate. It's why all applications have user-selectable controls to choose aspects of functionality, to suit different preferences. It's also why there are numerous add-ons to achieve functionality the browser developer does not include, for whatever reason.

    As I stated, I am checking out Opera.

    I was merely requesting/suggesting functions that Opera developers might consider incorporating, to make Opera function more effectively and efficiently for me, in my context.

    In my workflow, these are currently feature and function deficiencies that detract from me adopting Opera as my primary browser.

    I would hope Opera developers accept suggestions for consideration, try them out in the browsers where they do exist, experiment, maybe see areas for improvement, or decide it's not something they wish to pursue, but regardless certainly don't dismiss them out-of-hand as making "no sense for usability."

    Perspective and context and a practical test drive should determine those development decisions, in order to increase an application's user base.

    That's exactly why there are numerous browsers out there, to attract users for any number of reasons.

    I am willing to give Opera a run-through, but in the end, if it's not able to do the tricks I want it to do and need it to do, it's not going to be adopted or used on a regular basis.

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  • I'd like to see the "instant search" feature back. I really loved using alt+tab. Another suggestion would be, to use the current "crtl+space" context and using it as an "instant search" by prefixing the "-g" or other search engines in front.

  • After this update of the Opera browser, the admin site does not want to open. Please see what could be wrong. Maybe not only I have such a problem.

  • @toha Works fine here.

  • nice

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  • @andrew84 Thank. Really missing this old dropdown menu. But for developers, it’s better to know what we need and what we don’t. 😓
    As for the weather expansion of Gismeteo. I have installed this extension for a long time, but I would like to see an already integrated weather widget from Opera, but only with the choice of my weather resource. Yes, and the Opera widget is not stable. Almost always writes: The weather forecast is unavailable, and does not respond to mouse clicks. 🙄

  • Cool!!!

  • Hi. New version released for Linux but no update has been offered via the Opera Linux repository. Any hope of getting the latest version from the repository in the near future. Looks nice. Thank you.

  • I can't sign in to Kobo with a Google account.

  • this sh*t is crashing constantly after the launch, you aren't calling that Stable///

  • I like opera

  • Ópera passou a ser meu favorito: não é comedor de ram igual ao outro verde/amarelo/vermelho/azul ou raposa... Tem umas extensões bacanas, é tudo de bom. Gosto muito, obrigado. Ps.: A questão da temperatura na página inicial, ficou sensacional!!!

  • @PabloOaks English here please.

  • Is it possible to not to include the older in Opera? I have changed it with the newer, but every time an update happens, Opera reinstalls the older

  • @ostrolk Leave the alone, create a lib_extra folder in the same directory and put your there. Also see