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The Ad-Blocker not working topic

  • Introduction
    So recently (past week or so) Opera's ad block hasn't been working as well as it used to (or maybe these are intentional updates?? idk) and some ads are not blocked. However, the biggest consistant bug that I keep noticing is that it would semi/kinda block Youtube ads (its weird).

    The Bug
    The native Opera ad block used to be able to block ads on youtube (so basiaclly I would never watch any ads on any youtube videos). However, recently, there seems to be a glitch in the ad block (unless this is intentional). Everytime I watch a youtube video, the start just shows a white screen where the ad would be playing and I would be able to click "skip" to skip the white screen (ad). It is kinda weird, its like instead of blocking the ad completely it just replaces it with a white screen and allows you to skip the white screen. It happens to basically every single video, so its consitantly everytime. It never used to do this before, so I'm not sure what the problem is.

    Attempts to fix
    I've already updated Opera to the newest Vesrion and reactivated the ad block and tested it, and it still happens. So for now, I am going to stop using Opera native Ad-block and just use ublock origin and Opera's tracker blocker.

    To be honest, I kinda already knew about ublock origin and used it a few times on other browsers, and found that it is a extremely well made. I've notice that ublock origin blocks more ads than other blockers including Operas, and even bypasses those sites that detect ad blockers. But to clarify, ublock isn't soley a "ad-blocker" per say, rather, a wide-spectrum content blocker with cpu effieceny as its primary feature ( which so happens to also block ads ). So in a way, ad blocking is just a subset of ublock origin. Anyways, I was already tempted to move to ublock origin a awhile ago, but was to lazy to do so. This bug kinda pushed me to finally switch, and just wanted to report this odd bug (unless it was intentional lol).

    Anyways, thanks for reading, and have a good day.

  • Ugh its so weird, it blocks the ad bars but doesn't block the video ads, I don't get it.

  • Ok so I think that some of these Adblocker problems come from outside software interfering with the opera browser.

  • @hion Thanks for the Tip, ublock origin works like a charm!

  • This post is deleted!
  • @hion Yeah, you're right. I've had the same issue with Opera's ad block, Youtube was showing ads with a white screen in the background. But, when I tried with Ublock Origin, the bug hasn't appeared anymore since then. So, Ublock is amazing to block ads and works very well.

  • in the adblock settings there are reccomended lists, i turned off all other things except easylist, and i dont have the problem anymore

  • So i had this same issue with white screen skip ad . And i fixed it with this addon . I hope it will help you as well as it helped me.

  • today my opera updated and my system ubuntu 20.04 opera 70.0.3728.71
    youtube add blocker not working.

  • I have the same problem for a while now. I'm to lazy to download another adblocker, so I think I'll just wait until it's fixed or I get pissed enough to use something that words.

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