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Positively Preferring oPera over the Pretenders!

  • I just wanted to Post something Positive and heartfelt this morning.

    There are other decent browsers available such as Vivaldi and Brave that respect one's privacy and offer ad-blocking like Opera and in some cases offer very decent customization, but ...

    Opera just does it all better than these other browsers for me:

    Opera is very snappy/quick when using it's home/start/Speed Dial page. In fact, Opera's user interface just seems snappier than all other browsers I have tried.

    Opera has wonderful customization options for keyboard shortcuts that don't interfere with certain webpages' keyboard shortcuts such as in Google Docs. Vivaldi has a big problem with this. Opera's advanced single key keyboard shortcuts don't interfere with Google Docs' interpretation of keyboard input, in other words. Some of my favorite keyboard shortcuts (including single-key shortcuts) that make Opera very nimble in navigation for me are:

    (1) Alt-1 through Alt-5 for all five workspaces (customized by me)
    (2) f4 for opening a new tab (customized by me)
    (3) shift-f4 for reopening the most recently closed tab (customized by me)
    (4) w for closing a tab (customized by me)
    (5) z for going back in history of tab
    (6) x for going forward in history of tab
    (7) 1 for going to the tab to the left
    (8) 2 for going to the tab to the right
    (9) Ctrl-Shift-M to open/close most recent sidebar item (usually Facebook Messenger for me)

    Opera has a terrific built-in news reader which can be customized for one's own preferred sources.

    Opera seems to handle system resources a bit better than other browsers for me ... it has a built-in battery saver mode, also.

    Opera's built-in Snapshot for screen captures seems better than others also ... I can scroll beyond the current screen width when taking a snapshot. I cannot do this in other browsers that I have tried.

    Opera's sidebar messenger/social options are nice and don't seem as resource-hungry as Vivaldi's.

    The integration with Opera Touch on iOS is flawless (i.e., MyFlow).

    Opera' workspaces are very clever and preferable to Vivaldi's tab-stacking which can be clumsy to use at times for me. Opera's workspaces are just neater/cleaner to work in than Vivaldi's tab stacks.

    Keyboard shortcuts for extensions work in fullscreen mode in Opera unlike in some other browsers.

    Opera allows for default handlers for email, calendar, etc. that is not possible in Vivaldi currently.

    Mouse gestures are nice in Opera (Vivaldi does have an edge here in terms of customization, though -- some mouse gestures in Vivaldi I have found crash the browser in Vivaldi at times, though -- perhaps, too much customization can be a problem) and just work all the time without incident.

    Opera's tab preview when hovering over the tab with mouse/cursor is large, easy to read, updated preview always, and allows me to sometimes not even need to click on the tab being previewed as a result -- very nice!

    VPN/proxy built-in is elegant and makes it easy to view certain pages' contents.

    That's all I have for now ... I am sure there other things that I prefer in Opera versus other browsers ... I will add later, possibly. 🙂

    Thank you, Opera team! 🙂

  • Another great feature in Opera that is unique is the ability to select tabs and then use the context menu upon clicking on any of the selected tabs to copy the addresses of all the selected pages. This is very nice if multiple links/pages are desired to be shared. 🙂

  • Another innovative and addictive feature that only Opera has is its unique ability to create a popup bubble on selected text to easily copy or search or MyFlow ... I believe this popup bubble will do conversions of different sorts, also (i.e., money conversions, units of measurement conversions)

  • Opera's "click on a tab" to move to the top of the page is nice ... very few other browsers have such a thing.

    I also like the fact I can middle-click on the empty space on the tab bar to quickly open a new tab/Speed Dial/Start Page. Do other browsers do this? It doesn't seem to happen in Chrome, Brave, or Vivaldi anyway.


  • How many other browsers besides Opera have a context menu item (upon right clicking a link) to "add link to bookmarks" and "remove link from bookmarks?"

    Very handy!

  • AI News option in StartPage with various category customizations options (i.e., News, Sports, Technology, Health, etc.) is nicely done without a big hit on browser performance at all. 🙂

  • Local Weather in Start Page! 🙂

  • Twitter in Sidebar!

    With crystal-clear font!

    Memory is released automatically when Twitter view in sidebar is closed!


  • Moving tabs to other workspaces comes with an indicator in the sidebar for the workspace acquiring the new tab. Excellent!

  • The aesthetics of Opera's browser is the best I have come across ... other browsers just have a clunkier look to me. Combine that with Opera's snappy UI (compared to other browsers), and Opera is my winner!

  • Opera's ability to search not only tab title and tab url but also tab/page content in Quick Search (Search in Tabs) for both open tabs and recently closed tabs is awesome! I see no other browser doing this.

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