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Opera 70.0.3721.0 developer update

  • @petfish: Same here.

  • @leocg: Thanks, reported.

  • @petfish: Yep, can confirm. I have the same bug here

  • @leocg That's your oppinion.. don't assume everyone is like you.. ffs.

  • When I use Google to search a image, click on the image so its get expanded on the right side the scroll function is not working anymore. When I scroll down in the other images it keeps returning to the top...

  • @leocg: If previously it was requested from the users side to add more than 10 closed tabs in the TabMenu (and it was increased up to 32 which means that there were many such requests), then 'nobody' obviously is not the case here (you can also make it sure by reading negative comments on forum regarding the removed TabMenu).
    Now there are only 3 tabs visible (which is 3x less than in Omenu > History) and the flag is removed too. No dark theme yet, the feature is not completely finished, but it's in Stable already and they removed the flag.

    • DNA-85816 Speed dial tiles are broken
      What you mean under 'broken' ?
      If you mean that texts on a tile (solid color) do overlap, then it's still there (at least for the blog tile).
      Also, I add youtube's tile, but there's no name visible under the tile.
  • @andrew84 I keep what I said.

  • Just make the 'open' and 'closed' lists collapsable/expandable (like it works in TabMenu). Maybe someone doesn't need at all to see 'closed tabs' or 'open tabs' all the time. I can collapse 'open tabs' list for example and when I click the 'magnifying glass' icon I'll see only closed tabs and the whole height of the popup will used to display items. Of course, the state of expanded/collapsed dropdowns should be remembered after closng.

    • And add possibility to close tabs in 'open tabs' list (again, like it works in TabMenu). Or '3 dots' popup menu, to not close the tab by accident.
  • Never tried Yandex browser, I can't say that this is great browser, but I was really surprised that some features are more advanced than in Opera currently.
    For example video pop-out, it has video title, hand cursor to indicate ready to use control, timing popup and some others, pause/play by clicking a video. It does also remember its size and position on the screen after closing tabs. Nothing new actually, all these things were in old Opera video popu-out too. I don't understand why Opera stopped improving the popup.

  • Byebye Opera!

    (Sorry, I'm really trying to be as polite as possible, but my disappointment is so tremendous, I'm not sure it will work)

    Some guys at opera are obiously so arrogant and self convinced that they ignore the established and proven way of working of their user, just for - yes what for?
    Whats the point of disabling good things? Just for showing that the team haves the absolute power for doing and the user haves to obey and use everythin how opera wants?

    Im talking about DNA-84410. This is a crucial and needed option - at least for the user and not for some coder. After some while I found a way to revert it.
    But with DNA-86958 it reverted again.

    A quick search in the Forum shows that I'm not the only one wich is missing this feature - and then - exactly opera destroys it final!

    Well - opera may realize yourself, but if you continue to ignore the users you will - hopefully - fail.

    I, and I'm sure dozens of others, will transfer my tabs to another browser and remove opera.
    Dissapointing. Extremely dissapointing.

    @mods How can I delete every opera account? Your software is turned unusuable and dont want any data traces at your place.

  • @netlord said in Opera 70.0.3721.0 developer update:

    How can I delete every opera account?

    Go to your account and, at the bottom of the page, click on the link to delete your account

  • There are flags that are older but still persist on Experiments page, but they remove exactly the flag (quite fresh flag actually) that is responsible for the feature that has a lot of complaints in current unfinished view (really looks like a mockery).

    @netlord btw, they added 'recently closed' tabs on the new popup (that makes it similar to the TabMenu). Recently there were enough closed items visible, but in last 2 or 3 builds there are only 3 items unfortunately.

  • @andrew84: I reported that on April 15. They fixed it now, at least they think they did. They're still broken, I see no change.

  • @andrew84 Most of the old flags that still remain there are Chromium flags.

  • @leocg No, I meant only Opera flags.
    for example:
    #Bookmarks/History panels flags (I know these two were removed too in this build, but were living much more longer than #search in tabs flag)
    #history-onboarding (one time action, but the flag is still there)
    #instagram-panel (I hope you don't think that keeping the instagram flag is more important than keeping the feature's flag, taking into account that instagram icon can be simply disabled in SidebarSetup panel)

  • @andrew84 In theory, flags that are enabled by default in stable channel for a while, should be removed. I guess some are just forgotten there.

  • I'm pretty sure that if you make the 'search in tab' popup similar (improved) to the previous TabMenu (with expandable 'open'/'closed' lists, with adequate amount of visible closed tabs, ability to close the tabs by clicking 'x' or '3 dots', dark mode of course), then users who are complaining now will realize that the restyled popup is even better than previous TabMenu (easier to read, more clear, fits more content, allows to search tabs/in tabs content) and the TabMenu will be peacefully. retired in this case.
    *Personally, I'd prefer to see the popup on its previous position. Not so critical, but for me (for my eyes movement) it's much more convenient to see the popup there where I click the icon.

  • Bug.
    3 dots menu doesn't exist for enhanced address bar tiles, tiles do open when clicking 3 dots circle.

    • And improve functionality of the popup, add quick actions button like it worked for old 'quick access' feature.
  • DNA-85816 Speed dial tiles are broken

    I still have the same issue, nothing has changed.