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Opera is slow after pc wakes up from sleep.

  • After pc goes to sleep for any number of minutes then woken up again opera seems to be very slow to the point it takes 5 seconds to load a single tab when you click on it, during this time the browser uses much less RAM and has a high disk usage (about 30MB/s), my guess is that the browser unloads memory onto disk then reloads it when asked but this feature is not made for any pc with enough RAM.
    How can I fix this?
    I changed to opera gx in hopes of fixing this problem but the problem is the same there.
    I quick-fix for this is to close the browser and reopen it but I can't just be expected to be doing this 5 times a day.

  • @rdgd
    How does Chrome (or other Chromium based browsers) behave?
    30MB/s would point to old good spinning HDD? Just asking 🙂

    If you have enough RAM (16GB+), then you could consider turning windows page file off. This is generally not good idea, but may help in particular case. Opera IMO doesn't have any specific options to tune paging behavior.

  • @donq i have an ssd, this loading is not bottlenecked by the ssd, opera doesn't seem to use all the available resources, and i'd rather not turn off windows page file, i haven't tested this on other chromium based browsers and i will soon, also this issue is recent, only started happening a few months ago, had no such issues before

  • @rdgd
    Well, sorry 🙂 Just 30MB/s was quite familiar number.
    I have seen such behavior years ago, with very old Opera, old Windows and real HDD, not on current (desktop) PC.

    Are you using some third party "memory optimizer" tools? This is quite unlikely of course, but as such tools force all RAM paged to disk and even discard cache (to show user big amount free RAM - what for???), then behavior should be similar. This should not be related to sleep however.

    Lets wait for tests with other chromiums then.

  • @donq i do not use any sorts of memory optimizer tools, and as I said before, the issues only happen after pc goes to sleep