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Opera always in foreground

  • Experiencing same problem (Opera always on foreground whether on primary or secondary monitor):

    Version: 25.0.1614.63 - Opera is up to date
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64)
    Browser identification
    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/38.0.2125.104 Safari/537.36 OPR/25.0.1614.63

    Same here. On Windows 7 x64, with Opera 24:

    Main window is always on top of other applications (in full-screen and also in windowed mode)
    In full-screen, I can't access my Windows auto-hidden taskbar.

    And just as said Mesecur before me, it prevents me too from working efficiently, and I would add that it's a very big annoyance. I was defenitely happier back when Presto was still here...

  • Same problem.

    Opera 26.0.1656.24. Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

    When is Opera going to fix this permanently? It is one of the reasons I can't recommend Opera to other people. It's annoying and it's amateurish. Just because there's a workaround doesn't mean that Opera can let this problem go unresolved. Most people don't look at forums for solutions. They move on to something that doesn't have the problem.

  • Same problem here 😕

  • I have this problem with Opera 28.0.1750.48 Stable.

    This is a known Chrome bug, which Chrome has failed to fix since forever, like they just give a ****. Since Opera is using the same engine, the bug is there too.

  • Sackese, never had any such problem in Chrome.
    Though I don't use fullscreen, basically.

  • Just updated to the latest version 28.0.1750.48, same problem on windows 8.1

  • Just updated to the latest version 28.0.1750.48, same problem on windows 8.1

    Yeah, same issue

  • @joshl

    I use full screen due to being on a laptop. The way around this problem is to "maximize" the window dragging the edges to almost fit the screen, leaving about 1 mm around.

    But that's not a solution. The task bar must have maximum priority to the screen, even if it's auto-hiding, as it is an essential part of the OS.

  • Where i can download original Opera browser? I am from Ukraine, I downloaded Opera browser but at the same time in Opera browser offering me other russian products there. Why?

  • Opera 34.0.2036.50 Windows 8.1 64-bit
    same problem

  • Any updates? This issue comes from release to release. What the hell?

  • I just updated to Opera 36.0.2130.46 and this problem out of a sudden struck me. The opera window always stays in foreground 😞

    If I click on any running program in the task bar that program's window won't appear. Rather the Opera window remains in the foreground. I have to explicitly minimize Opera's window to see that other window. Very annoying!

    I'm also used to switching between different windows with ALT+TAB. This now also don't work any more.

    It seems as if Opera 36.0.2130.46 wants to be the only program you shall ever use - which is not what I want!

  • I just deinstalled Opera and then installed 36.0.2130.32 which then updated itself to 36.0.2130.46 ... now everything's fine again. As well ALT+TAB and also klicking on any icon in the taskbar works as expected. Very strange!

  • Opera 37 and this bug is still there. What gives?

  • Same bug with opera 38.0.2220.29. The auto-hide taskbar won't gain focus when opera is running (opera always on top).
    Win 7 64 bit.

    Can silent updates be turned off in opera?

  • This happens to me too since a few weeks ago (I didn't pay attention to the exact version that started this). I'm on 38.0.2220.31 now. On my desktop and my laptop I have the same issue, both with Windows 7 x64.
    To access the taskbar or start menu, I have to either minimize Opera, press the Windows key or press Alt-Tab to go to any other application that doesn't have this issue (going to another Opera window doesn't help, of course).

    Edit: I just found out that this starts happening after watching a video fullscreen, like Youtube!

    You can temporarily fix this by either:

    • Option 1: restore (de-maximize) Opera and maximize it again TWICE.
    • Option 2: restore (de-maximize) Opera, move your mouse so the taskbar displays, and then maximize Opera again.

    Now the issue is gone until I watch the next fullscreen video.

  • Nobody else bothered by this? I think this is quite a severe issue.

  • I just discovered that this doesn't happen in a private window. For this I thought it might be an extension getting in the way but not, without any extension the issue still occurs in the non-private window.

  • Problem still present in 38.0.2220.41. Will keep updating.

  • 39.0.2256.43, issue still present. 😞

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