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How can I remove the anti-adblocker?

  • Hello,

    Using Opera browser my extension Adblock and Opera Ad Blocker can't remove the mesage of Anti-Adblock of pages that force me to suscribe to his magazine to see their news, for example (MARCA or El Mundo, when you try to read a new the use the Anti-Adblock). However, I'm trying to read a news on Brave and Microsoft Edge (based on Chromium) with the Adblock of his browser and they did block the mesage of Anti-Adblock correctly. Anybody know how to fix this problem on Opera?


  • @ayoamaro
    Interesting - my privacy combo (Opera internal adblocker + Adblock without any lists enabled + Ghostery) doesn't show any ads or antiadblock messages on those sites. If you just disable Adblock (extension) on those sites, does anything improve?

    Recently I read some user complaining that his adblocker (uMatrix or similar), combined with Opera internal one doesn't block all ads properly. It could be possible that when both adblockers use same lists, some conflict will occur.

  • @donq said in How can I remove the anti-adblocker?:


    Finally, I uninstalled Adblock (extension) and with Opera internal adblocker + Ghostery, the problems finished. Now I can read news at the web pages and they didn't shows the anti adblock messages. Thanks for share your privacy combo that's works fine 😊