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Opera is increasingly a risk to privacy

  • I noticed the new features in the latest update. As others have complained, they are not features I use or need. I suspect the majority of users have the same sentiment. Opera should stop pushing 'news' in start page and social media sites like 'instagram', 'whatsapp', etc. The more Opera pushes these garbage on its users, the more it becomes irrelevant to users like me. I've been using Opera for well over 16 years. I remember how the browser was before it was sold to the Chinese.

    Today's Opera browser reflects the values of its Chinese paymasters. Privacy has taken a back seat. That's the way they operate in China. It's a shame what Opera has become. Fortunately, there are quite a few worthy browser alternatives available today. I find myself using Opera less and less as it becomes a Chinese spying tool. Soon, there won't be a compelling reason for me to continue using Opera.

  • Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Me, I just turn off the stuff I don't want.

  • all of those features are optional for users. you can turn them off anytime and customize opera, they let you do that. until they won't let you customize it at all none of these accusations makes sense.

    this is what opera is doing while nobody knows, and nobody talks about these things. people are only saying china bad because of some sort of western propaganda without even having or seeing any real proof for it.

    I'm not saying it's awesome, it's capitalism and I'm sure there are problems in china's part too, but if you are using google, and facebook they are far more evil than what you think of opera right now. instead of being a hater you can demand full transparency from the company that you use it's product/s and try to rally others who have similar concerns like you. that would be a much responsible and mature thing to do. instead of complaining in here which is not even makes any sense.

  • @scam-buster New features, unless stated differently, follow Opera's privacy policy. Third party services may have their own privacy policy.

  • I have dipped in and out of Opera for years now 👴 And I've just started using it on a more permanent basis.... As far as I'm concerned ( and I'm not really) it's the lesser evil. Maybe their halo has slipped a bit, but compared to some of the other browsers it's positively angelic 😇