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Opera 68 is here with built-in Instagram in the sidebar

  • @misterdoge It opens the shortcut menu for the current window, same as right click on the top menu bar. Maybe you have autohotkey or a program bypassing it, or maybe the current window is bypassing it.
    Some prebuilt computers have also a bug that prevent that shortcut from working.

    I checked, that shortcut works since Windows 3.1, so it's been ~28 years.

  • @regnareb My bad, it actually works like you say. Then yes, better choices could have been made. I still miss instant search 😭

  • @Opera-Comments-Bot I have Versión:68.0.3618.63 but my Opera has no Telegram yet.

  • Please add Touchpad gestures, ability to use back in forwards with 2 fingers. That would be great! And thank you for your work, except this it's a very nice browser

  • I came here to look at the update note because i too am very irritated they removed the "recently closed tabs history" button.
    If they don't put it back asap i'll switch to another main browser after 15 years of opera.
    Do what you have to, give us that feature back !

  • Put back the "recently closed" button, it is way more useful and very handy. Whoever thought this change would be better probably doesn't even use Opera. I know there is a way to get it back which I did, but it should be a lot more intuitive, just put a on/off setting in the options.

  • Hi team! Thanks for the excelent work. I just want to share a suggestion for this excelent browser. I use a lot web pages that uses audio as text to speech or reading pages. In many cases, I have to go Chrome because my language (spanish) is not supported. It will be great if you can fix that. In the same way, I can not use youtube for broadcasting in Opera. I love opera and it is my favorite browser, that why I ask you please fix this issues!

    Thanks for the wonderful work

  • @ignome: Just found the solution brought by Kened.
    It works, but shouldnt have been in this update anyway, at least under this form. I was especting an option in parameters to re-enable it directly.
    Anyway, thanks Kened.

  • OK, just wanted to scream about the missing reopen closed tab feature, but found your advice by disabling the magnifier icon. Its easy, copy paste it (does everybody know where?) aso. But its a little bit queer and indicating, that you cant handle both features at the same time. Really? Sounds like a Dilbert comic. Make Wally stay out of the team.

  • What if Opera had a interface transparency control? Users could make it transparent like Opera Neon was.

  • opera has a built-in instagram feature, but instagram account of opera has its last post on september 2019, which is a bit interesting...

  • Almost 350 messages to Opera 68 announcement: I think Opera's users engagement is becoming greater.

  • @ignome: You're welcome.

  • I don't understand why Opera and Vivaldi are so seldom used in Norway, its home country.

  • Where is the instant search? I had to download and use the 67 update just because the latest one doesn't have instant search.

  • Just want to give some feedback. Since i'll keep changing the same flags after every update..
    #search-in-open-tabs -> disable to get resently closed tabs back (i also use this one to open tabs that i have open on other (mobile) devices.
    #horizontal-tab-cycler -> disable to quickly switch between recently used tab with a dropdown based menu (that shows the full tabname) in the location of the recently closed tabs.

  • @kened: Thanks so much.
    Without "recently closed tabs history" i would have been really pissed... it's one of the most significant features of opera....

  • is it possible to make "groups in tabs" like in the past. I miss this feature since 2 years 😞

  • @berni02: I think that workspaces perform this function in an optimized way.

  • @xxoliasxx: You're welcome.