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Opera 68 is here with built-in Instagram in the sidebar

  • I really loved this update at first, especially because of the new workspaces, but what I am really missing now is the recent open tabs dropdown button, which was replaced by the magnifying glass. This button was, at least for me personally, always the biggest argument for Opera, so I would really appreciate it if I had the option to enable this button again.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @slytzel : read up a few posts; there's a flag that will revert to previous UI (as least with respect to the feature you:re asking about)

  • @davey126: The problem is their thinking removing the flag,

  • @davey126 I saw it now, thank you 🙂

  • @davey126 I also suggested to restyle the new popup (when the 'new' feature was yet in Developer version) and keep the both functionalities 'recently closed' and 'open tab' where each user could decide what he needs more, with an ability to perform search for both types of tabs. As a compromise, to avoid (I don't mean it should look exactly like this, I mean the idea of keeping both).

  • Uff, your are so crazy. Move a simple access for closed tabs to horrible Menu > Histoy...

  • How to return the button of closed tabs?
    I totally don't need tab search. And open the closed tabs the desired function, return it please. It’s just for the sake of her that I work on opera and not on other browsers.

  • Allow microphone
    To record Voice Messages, click “Allow” above to give WhatsApp access to your computer's microphone. Arrow points into black screen with no buttons active. Anyone knows how to turn it on please?

  • @andrew84 : Yep, everyone has their own idea. One assumes the Opera design team is taking notes and will determine what changes, if any, are needed. The bigger elephant in the room are the untold scores of silent user actions revealed through telemetry. If that returns favorable results then the loud and proud enthusiast bark fest probably won't change the default presentation but may score a more transparent switch in settings.

    BTW - how's that Vivaldi project going, ya know the one that has a switch for everything? Might be an option for those dissatisfied with the current state of affairs.

  • Get back the tab menu by default, it was a mistake, and the instant search too its really useful with the full screen mode.

    English is not my mother tongue; please excuse any errors on my part..

  • There should be different history log for different workspace

  • @davey126 said in Opera 68 is here with built-in Instagram in the sidebar:

    the loud and proud enthusiast bark fest probably won't change the default presentation but may score a more transparent switch in settings

    Well, time will show whether Opera will handle all these multiple negative feedbacks on their forum and in the blog as a 'voice' of community and will offer some solution or handles it like a 'bark fest'.

    *Regarding the Vivaldi browser, I don't know how is the project going because I use Opera. If I'll switch to Vivaldi(or any other browser) in future, maybe I will be more aware.

  • morons

  • @frelanser: You may right click in the tab area to reopen close tab. Right click to the right of the + to see the menu.

  • @diegosdf: yeah same. it was like the one of the key features i used every time i used opera. i really hope they are putting it back.

  • Replacing the recently closed tabs icon with the magnifier was a seriously bad idea. Lett comfortable, because that was simply reachable from the sidebar and the shortcut. Also the alt+space facility is gone, which is a second minus point

  • Thanks, Opera!! Better and better!

  • I've been a great fan of Opera but this update makes me think about switching to another browser. Two points:

    1. Instant search accessible from the sidebar was an extremely useful feature. I can't see any reason to give it up.
    2. Replacing quick access to recently closed/open tabs by search in open tabs only is a mistake. Quick access to recently closed is much more useful than going into history which people usually use to make more detailed and reaching further back searches.
      Consider bringing those two features back.
  • Where is the feature where you could use search engines without opening a new tab? It was used to be the shortcut "Alt + Space", but that no longer works. I couldn't find a way to re-enable it. 😞
    Also, why are workspaces, duplicate tab highlighting and tab search claimed as new? I've been using them for a month now.