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Opera 68 is here with built-in Instagram in the sidebar

  • when we are having twitter in the sidebar? any plans?

  • The integrated Instagram would be better with the ability to upload photos to our feed. Then I could remove an additional add-on.

  • Personal News is unusable in its current format. It needs options to mark feed as read, show only unread, and view inline at the very least. Right now it's really just a list of page links.

  • @cherylfree Instagram web allows it? Sidebar Instagram should do anything that you can do with Instagram web.

  • @leocg No. I have to use an add-on from the Chrome web store. Ultimately, I'd love to get rid of it and use the built-in Instagram in the sidebar.

  • @leocg: Could you please tell me why you guys removed Instant Search (google) from the latest version? A lot of people liked the feature, please tell me there are plans to bring it back. Thanks

  • @diegosdf

    Could you please tell me why you guys removed Instant Search (google) from the latest version? A lot of people liked the feature, please tell me there are plans to bring it back.

    people are complaining about this everywhere. I hope they bring it back if they are not going to I hope they can give us an explanation about what did they think? why did they drop that feature?

    is there any dev in here that can tell us anything about this? obviously a lot of users are upset...

  • @misterdoge I also miss the top right drop down menu. I use to access it with CTRL+Q and change tabs using TAB. It was awesome. But removing Instant Search was (still is) so upsetting that I only complained about it. I really hope the devs bring IS back.

  • @diegosdf People at Opera already explained that they removed the feature due to the lack of users.

  • @leocg thanks to bring the sad news again. Doesn't make sense at all. There is lack of users, ok, but keep it over there. Or put a button to activate if you wanna use it.

  • @leocg Ok but we, the few users of it, were using it extensively, so it's very frustrating to have one of our favorite features removed. If it's not that popular, they should make it an option, and if it's really that unpopular, at least a flag or an extension. No, really, we're all here because opera is a feature-rich software, otherwise we would be on chrome. So it's not a problem if all the features are not used by everyone. For me this update is only bringing disadvantages, and I have hope that the developers can listen to us and bring back this feature that has no downside at all (except using a few MB of code).

  • @diegosdf Unfortunately, this is not how things work in the real world. Sometimes keeping a feature that very few people use may not worth the cost.

  • instant search is gone. We want it back it was outstanding feature that you failed to promote to people and not telling us that it was less used that ctr+shift+x to close opera 😕

  • @misterdoge Like I said before, having an option is not always an option. Keeping a feature has to worth the cost of doing it.

  • I read W3C picture-in-picture API documentation, so I think it's possible to allow how many pop-out video window do you want: "3.8. One Picture-in-Picture window
    Operating systems with a Picture-in-Picture API usually restrict Picture-in-Picture mode to only one window. Whether only one window is allowed in Picture-in-Picture mode will be left to the implementation and the platform. However, because of the one Picture-in-Picture window limitation, the specification assumes that a given Document can only have one Picture-in-Picture window.

    What happens when there is a Picture-in-Picture request while a window is already in Picture-in-Picture will be left as an implementation detail: the current Picture-in-Picture window could be closed, the Picture-in-Picture request could be rejected or even two Picture-in-Picture windows could be created. Regardless, the User Agent will have to fire the appropriate events in order to notify the website of the Picture-in-Picture status changes."

  • @kened No need to post the same thing more than once.

  • @leocg the features was already implemented, actually , when you guys removed you put extra cost. I know how things works... I just think you guys need to understand what customers wants. removing opera, no sense to keep using it. thx

  • @diegosdf That extra cost may be lower than the cost of keeping the feature.

    And I don't think that understanding what users want is necessarily the same of doing what you want. Opera always try to understand what users want, that's why they are always trying to add new things and changing others.

  • @leocg: 👍

  • @ab-garcez

    I also miss the top right drop-down menu.

    you can still have it just disable opera://flags#search-in-open-tabs

    @leocg @diegosdf

    Sometimes keeping a feature that very few people use may not worth the cost.

    I understand this "costs", but opera is an innovative browser right? instant search was a super innovative feature. they should be improving it more, not dropping it. I prefer opera to see this feature as something they can promote for more people to use. they give up too quickly.

    problem is what kind of user base they are aiming right now? if the quality of that user base will determine the features in the future and if opera choose to make a browser for more average user it makes me a bit worry because I don't know how innovative and feature-rich it can get with this approach. this is why I think they need to keep listening to some of their users who demand more capability and practical design.

    I believe more advance user base what opera needs. for promoting itself, defending itself against haters, etc. if you give me a good product that I really believe and feel like I'm a part of, I'll promote it and defend it.