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  • @leocg Sorry sir i'm new in this forum.
    Sir search history means web history (ctrl+h) every time my history is clear after closing opera.
    My setting is off "clear browser history when u quite opera" but still my browsing history automatically clear after close opera, this problem since 67 version of opera.

    Opera Snapshot_2020-04-23_114812_settings.png

  • @ext: This change is following standards sequence.

  • @vegelund: We're not able to reproduce this issue - can you tell the specific letter you're setting? And maybe you've got some extensions installed?

  • @leocg Well, it means that some time ago Opera was making perfect decisions in contrast to what is happening now.

  • @leocg

    I understand. But a green, white or other color padlock means that SSL is implemented. So what does it matter what color is set here?


    I have a different question for you, a question for the developer of Opera. When will you fix this bug?

    Since several editions of the Opera, a folder: opera autoupdate is automatically created in the Downloads folder in my documents. This folder contains the Crash Reports folder and the file opera_autoupdate.txt

    Look, this is not a issue from my computer. Recently, I installed a clean Windows friend and installed the latest Opera and this "opera autoupdate" folder was created in the Download folder.

    Contents opera_autoupdate.txt

    [7032:7052:0423/] [AU] Task failure count : 0
    [7032:7052:0423/] Main update resource available: false

    Fix it because it's frustrating.

  • Did anyone else get this "suggestion" in their opera installation too?
    I had not checked opera://extensions for years and I almost believed that it was already installed!


  • @sgrandin: THANKS!

  • Why spend time to implement specific sidebar website when you could spend time to implement an add (+) button to let the user add any custom website... That decision is beyond me, the sidebar has so much potential but we are so limited and nearly useless right now 😕

  • Opera, please, don't force me to switch to another browser. I don't want to use your sidebar, it's just a waste of screen space for me. But you keep moving features so, that they are accessible only with Sidebar. Now I can't see tabs from other devices without your stupid Sidebar. Opera, please, don't fix things that are not broken. Don't force me to switch 😞

  • @saam Only history is not saved?

  • @andrew84 And we already know that it led to a browser whose maintenance turned into something complicated enough to cause a engine change.

  • So, I don't use Sidebar, how am I supposed to get to other devices' tabs now?

  • @ext The idea seems to be that secure pages should be the standard and not something that deserves a colored padlock icon or even an padlock icon itself.

  • @ext Regarding the problem with the autoupdate folder, it's know and it's being investigated.

  • @bmflefou Type opera://activity in address bar.

  • Bookmark bar is turned on after the update even tho it was off before the update.

  • @leocg 🤦♂

  • No! Give me the drop-down menu back! I don't care about search in open tabs, I just want to see the recently closed tabs and other devices' tabs without using the sidebar.

  • @leocg: 🤦🏻♂

  • @leocg: I don't mean such a long period, I mean the time when the InstantSearch and MyFlow were implemented, for example. I can turn the features I don't need off and continue using features I need. That's something that can be called 'painless' new features implementation.
    Now I'm forced to use the features I don't need and I can't continue using the previous and important to me features anymore.

    P.S. I can say that 'Search in tabs' feature was implemented in Stable version extremely fast. Looks like some critical change that needs fast implementation. The feature should stay in 69 ver., it doesn't even support the dark theme yet.
    Now 'happy' users can open 200 tabs and enjoy by typing and searching for open tabs.
    All the complaints and suggestions were simply ignored when the feature appeared in Developer version. There were suggestions to just restyle the TabMenu and keep both 'recently closed' and 'open tabs' + search as a compromise solution. We were promised to get a better feedback after new commenting service (instead of Disqus) was introduced and synchronized with forum, but in fact the feedback become worse and the users feedback is ignored (except the video pop-out which still needs improvements, but there were quite many requested changes implemented).