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  • @Teadrinker76 said in Instant search box gone?:

    What are the chances of opera listening and bringing it back?

    Yes, is this decision absolutely final? I really do hate to use an older version of Opera, but that's what I'll be using for as long as Instant Search remains removed.

  • @avl Outch !
    It seems like Opera looks now toward the beginners.
    Hard to think the real opera'users, i mean those who use massively the deep and advanced features that make Opera a pionneer in websurfing like the floating instant search qualified it as "negligible" feature.
    I understand and respect the commercial strategy but i dislike it.
    I will continue to use Opera for the moment but so sad it is loosing his soul.

  • I noticed that my mention to avl was removed from my latest reply. I think I can safely speak for a good chunk of us here by saying that we don't know the best way to be heard, here. We all feel very passionately about this feature that was removed; some of us have reverted back to v67, while others have switched to a different browser altogether. Thus, why we've been mentioning avl, the only staff member who has participated in this thread.

    Clearly this thread is being monitored, so I ask: What do we do to be heard? Is this decision final, or is a reconsideration possible? I am eager to hear from Opera staff, even if it is to say that Instant Search will be, sadly, irreversibly no more.

  • i think opera is a great browser,i just wish they wouldn't have removed instant search. It is still on opera GX,for how long who knows.

  • @Teadrinker76
    Thank you ! GX kept the instant research.
    I switch on GX now !

  • that what im using. i just hope they keep it.

  • Sure !
    And i still hope they will re-implant the instant research on the classic version.
    Opera stay my browser from heart.

  • Like 4~5 days ago it worked but I don't know why it doesn't work on these days. Maybe a problem with shortcuts? I tried looking for that shortcut in options but it didn't show up. Either I don't know the name of that shortcut or it mysteriously disappeared. Any help?
    Thanks in advance

  • I currently have ~170 tabs open, which is about average for me. I can honestly say I've used the tab search twice in the past year. I use instant search every day.

    As a developer, I'm always being pushed to focus on a more widely used browser, but the unbroken quick-search experience is unmatched and immensely valuable to my speed of working and browsing.

    I'm gonna downgrade, and reconsider alternatives, too - all my favourite passive features in Opera are available from other browsers, along with a more comprehensive suite of extensions and comparable UX when you take out Instant Search.

    Please reconsider.

  • @avl honestly that's just sad, i mean in my time using opera, i've never used that search in tab, i don't really see the value of it compared to the instant search, this feature was one of the reason i'm using opera, the convenience of running a search while on the same page is second only to My Flow IMHO, so please bring it back, you can take away the useless search in tabs, we know hard decisions are made everyday but this was a bad one.

    //Bring Back Instant Search 
  • @acidinmyfridge I think only thing we can do is opera gx.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @barcode i have rolled back to v67 of Opera and have blocked auto-updates.
    Will stay on this now infinitely.
    Instant search is the superior feature that Opera has and no other browser offers.
    @treego i have been using Vivaldi on/off for since the beginning. I like that it is highly customizable and has tab stacking and such, but Opera's instant search is elementary for me.
    @avl please consider bringing instant search feature back. Clearly, the number of users actually using Instant Search was not negligible.

    Without instant search, there is nothing, that makes Opera different, better, superior compared to other browsers. Without it, Opera is just a browser like any other.

  • I think so, I have no idea why they take it out, it's very useful when I need to research something quickly! Wooooo

  • @avl Do you call people who use your program and be hardcore fans of it negligible? That is not nice. I am done with this version i am downgrading and staying at that version

  • anyone can explain where is the search tab in sidebar , i think opera was remove but this make sad because it was very very very helpful

  • As a new user all i have to say is, i loved that feature but i didn't even get enough time to get used to it... I guess i am one of those negative numbers that appear in your statistics

  • are there anyway to bring instant search back? when i click alt+space it show up something else it really use ful for me but maybe not for other

  • @pleumz See the topic.

  • Just got back from a trip to find out my Opera and Opera GX have no more instant search. Downgrading back to v.67 until the instant search function is back. It was the best feature the browser had to offer, imo, together with the conversions. Speaking of it, conversions were a great combination with instant-search.

    Would like to give some more attention to: "fans that use our browser because of its unique features" = negligible. I really don't mind, but that's a dangerous turn, and dangerous words, for a software that has been doing great with niche public so far.