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  • I noticed that video pop-out allows to adjust volume level by using mouse's wheel (or touchpad) while the cursor hovers the volume indicator , this is a nice feature and it was requested for the old popup too.
    I can suggest a few more quick actions:

    • maybe it's worth making possible to adjust volume by mouse wheel when cursor is on the video popup (not only if the cursor hovers the volume indicator)
    • click on video = pause / play
    • double click = 'back to tab'
    • pressed left button + wheel = increase/decrease size of the popup.
  • I'll go crazy! The Chromium bug is back. not reachable. In the last version two days ago it worked.
    W10x64, Operax64

  • @andrew84 Here it was disabled, I had to enable it.

  • @ralf-brinkmann It didn't work for me two days ago also, most probably it worked temporary for you, until you restart / shut down the PC.

    • If I understood it right, Chrome fixed it in some recent 83 build (and it works fine in Edge Canary build). They didn't fix it actually, but just made the flag (#post-quantum-cecpq2) disabled by default. They do not plan doing the same for 82 version, so if Opera won't disable the flag by default, it's need to wait until Developer will be updated until 83 version of Chromium.
  • @leocg after browser restart (one more restart after relaunching during the update) it is enabled by default.

  • • Since Opera 69.0.3638.0 developer:

    Opera starts with the CSS media query prefers-color-scheme: dark seemingly returning true, although Opera's light theme is selected. (You can see it on web pages using mentioned media query, internal error pages being some of those.)
    Toggling →dark →light in quick settings ends up with the prefers-color-scheme flag being evaluated correctly.

    • New: Extension *Action buttons and their tooltips are messed up.


  • @ralf-brinkmann: from the same Chromium's bug thread I found a workaround, as it seems.
    Run Opera shortcut with the following switch

    Works for me.

  • @andrew84: Yes, that's the same effect as if I disable it in the flags. But in the last developer it worked without that trick.

  • But Skype has not been added yet.

  • @ralf-brinkmann: I don't know, I tried previous build and it didn't work for me there too.
    I think the shortcut's switch is a permanent trick in contrast to flag that resets its state later, after the PC was shut down or after restart.

  • Great build, but opera://components is empty!!

  • @sky2048 said in Opera 69.0.3653.0 developer update:

    Great build, but opera://components is empty!!

    @kened said in Opera 69.0.3653.0 developer update:

    Widevine is not installed. Netflix isn't working. "No component installed".

    Disabling opera://flags/#new-component-update-mechanism makes opera://components show the components. Then, clicking "update" for widevine fetches it so it works.

  • No Instagram in sidebar(

  • @vladbabinets restart Opera

  • Regarding Instagram on sidebar:

    • Can't scroll the list of stories at the top
    • Stories sometimes don't play and;/or don't have sound
    • Can't pause stories by clicking on them
    • It doesn't seem to be updated often
  • @leocg: So yet more bloat to the browser. Bloat that can be avoided by using PWAs. Vivaldi and Whale's sidebar even Yandex's shitty version of it puts Opera's sidebar to shame. You know why? because users can put any websites they want there and use it from the sidebar as a PWA web-panel. I know Opera has a fetish for restricting users to the fullest but really either with the sidebar or with search engines or even enabling/disabling certain features. Quite embarrassing imo.

    So they got rid/displaced good features for this? What a shame honestly. Known restrictions and issues are still present in this would be decent browser, especially when they have been reported a long time ago. Your argument to clean the code doesn't hold water anymore since this feature doesn't do that. PWA's would. You need a better reason.

    You said last time that you didn't exactly agree with my stance on Opera's poor job with it's browser. Yet have completely failed to argue the benefits of many of the things they have done. Opera needs a new strategy and actually use their brains for once. I think you should agree with that at the very least.

  • Yet another feature to disable. Thanks.
    I have Windows app for this I don't need instagram inside the browser. Especially when PWAs are pretty much taking over both in browser's sidebars and as native apps. Negating any reason for this "feature". Instead of that you guys should have done PWA webpanels, which again would make more sense than this. You guys at Opera almost, just barely used the brains, id say that's progress.

  • netflix doesn't work.

  • Is it possible to add a switch to show/hide sidebar quickly?

  • @kened opera://settings/keyboardShortcuts