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  • @temkem: I had to manually install the new version of assistant and the problem is gone (for now at least).

  • @eugene-b As said in the topic I've mentioned.

  • Chromecast still disconnects automatically after 2h on sites without ads and when blocked video ads should be played on sites with ads. Can you fix this?

  • @unrealmirakulix Does it happens only in Opera?

  • @leocg didn't try it with the newest Chrome but with older Chrome versions (last try ~3 months ago) there were no problems.
    Also, often Opera doesn't find my Chromecast, then I have to go to a private tab and cast and switch back to make it work. Just a workaround I found out the last months... Also never had this problem with Chrome. But as the private tab workaround does work ~95% I do not use Chrome as a backup browser anymore.
    So both problems are not new to me and I do not install Chrome every new Opera to check whether Chrome now also is buggy regarding Chromecast like Opera sadly is almost since the first release with chromecast feature. There were max. a few months after a lot of fixes in the first releases with chromecast feature.
    Though I'm so happy to be able to use the chromecast with Opera ☺ It's the only feature in Opera apart from preference tab loading stability I'm not totally happy about 😉

  • @unrealmirakulix: Chromecast works with Netflix?

  • @kened don't know, I don't have a netflix subscription 😉

  • This update forgot all my passwords and open tabs. It also doesn't obey to the keyboard shortcuts that I configured. I see that F4 is assigned to show the sidebar in the settings, but it just doesn't work.

  • About the sidebar, you can either disable opera:flags#sidebar-extensions-in-browser-sidebar, and relaunch the Opera (if you want to have it working for the separate extensions sidebar), or reassign F4 for "Show sidebar", and it should work.

    Regarding opened tabs, if you didn't restart the Opera several times already, you can try the following: if the Opera is running, don't close it, go to the profile folder, backup the files "Last Session" and "Last Tabs", then close it. Overwrite the "Current Session" with the "Last Session" and "Last Tabs" backups accordingly.
    After that, relaunch the Opera, and see if that helps.

    On the passwords, perhaps you have somewhere a backup copy of your Opera's profile, and if so, you can close the Opera, and overwrite the "Login data" file with the one from the backup. Then restart the Opera, and see if this changes anything.

    Small note: before you try the last two, you may also sign out from the sync account, because it could be the culprit of the issues, in case you're using the sync service.

  • @l33t4opera Thank you for the suggestions! The forgotten tabs were due to the preferences being reset. Opera had turned back to the "open the Start Page" setting so it wiped all my workspaces ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • @nadie-nada-nunca said in Opera 67.0.3575.115 Stable update:

    The forgotten tabs were due to the preferences being reset. Opera had turned back to the "open the Start Page" setting so it wiped all my workspaces

    When some users upgrade from one major version of Opera to another, the often lose all their open tabs etc. From now on, I'm going to have them check to see if the startup setting got changed on them.

  • Opera always creating 'opera autoupdate' folder in my Downloads folder. Also i don't use any mail app on my system, but windows says opera browser the default mail app. when i click mailto: links, opera opening empty new windows. any way to fix?

  • @nadie-nada-nunca I see, not a problem ;-)

  • @matrixlord Make sure there are no mailto handlers at the URL opera://settings/handlers. If there are as one is set as "default", Opera will be available as the default handler in Windows in Default Programs/Apps. So, first, make sure there are no handlers. Second, set something else as the default mail program on Windows.

  • 67.x.115 has STILL same problem as with 67.x.97, freezes constantly in OSX after 1 or 2 minutes starting up opera. Not much changes even troubleshoot, since it freezes up so quickly at startup.

  • This update wiped out all my open tabs, my browsing history and preferences. I checked my profile files, there's no sign of a last session or last tabs. Obviously I didn't remember a password to my account as I set it years ago, so all my saved passwords are gone too. Please add this to your test cases, as you can imagine this is really frustrating, never happened with previous updates.

  • DRM (Widevine Content Decryption Module: 4.10.1582.2) struggles with 1080 resolution videos on YouTube as it uses over 50% CPU

  • @kikonen: Try in settings under advanced turning off Allow use of computer's dedicated GPU

  • @chas4: Maybe this is because Youtube now uses AV1 codec?