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  • Today i had to re-install Opera, i searched in other browser went to dl page and installed. when i did this i realized something is terribly wrong... After looking in web i noticed that since not long ago i had ver 12.7 and now i installed ver.22. Honestly people how can you use that crap? Im really sorry but in terms of functionality this version sucks totally. Even most simple things like importing bookmarks that i saved become impossible task not to tell that when i finally got over with it (installed some old version 12.+ to add them)then upgraded to this ver.22 i noticed it added them on top..., lol? WTf? Hahaha what a joke its like i went back to year 2003-2006 or so. Other thing is grouping tab that just don't exist here. Did someone even spare a few seconds to think how annoying that is? Did someone even spare a few seconds to think how large step back it is? I don't know whose responsible for accepting this changes is but i would kick him right away. I was using and supporting Opera for years but i starting to think it might be time to look for other one. Hope you will fix "this thing" if not its time to say goodbye.

    [Mod Edit: You are entitled to your opinion, but no point fanning the flames of a topic that has been discussed to the point of exhaustion. Topic closed]