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Bring back the "Recently closed" button on the top bar on the right

  • @andrew84 It looks to me like the "Search for tabs" option is functionally the same as the "Recently closed" one. Moreover, it offers a choice of showing more than just 3 closed tabs. So, it looks to me like the feature will go on even in the version 70, albeit under a different name. But who cares about the name?

    By the way, how do you get version 70? Mine is only 68 something.

  • Currently 70 is Developer version, 69 is Beta, 68 is Stable.

  • Please: Bring back the "Recently closed" button on the top bar on the right!!

  • Incredible but they have eliminated the option to continue using it in Opera 70.
    Was it so difficult, at least, to leave the flag to continue using the button?

    Why their effort to eliminate useful functions?
    Do you want us to move from Opera to another browser?

  • @avmon They sure did. The put instead that sorry substitution "Search in closed tabs," in which only three closed tabs are shown. I downloaded Vivaldi browser. It seems to have the same functionality and does have the Closed tabs button.

    I simply don't the reason why they would shoot themselves in the foot like this.

  • This post is deleted!
  • You should consider the claim of many users and give a positive response:
    Please: Bring back the "Recently closed" button on the top bar on the right!!

    There are many more users who claim it, but they do not take the trouble to write it in the forums, but many of us do not like this change!

  • While the recently closed tab feature is something I am missing it's not that world ending.

    On the other hand the thing that actually bothers me is that I used that button to show open tabs on other devices in simple manner.

    Now I have to enable sidebar, click on tabs, click on device, click tab I want to open, disable sidebar. So instead of getting simple drop down menu and getting the tab I want in 2 clicks I have to go through loops and hoops from one side of screen to another like some demented hamster in his wheel.

    So please, either revert or give us an option to enable additional button/s for tab explorer on device (in that drop down menu it was) and/or closed tab list.

  • Check this out. There will be show more button. Quite more acceptable...

    Opera Developer v71.0.3763.0
    You have to enable #search-in-closed-tabs-show-more in flags.


  • What was their problem with the drop-down "recently closed" tabs? Why they had to change it to this full-window thing? I never used the search for open tabs function, not once, but I use the recently closed constantly and I think it was pretty good as it was, just click on the droppdown and you barely have to move your mouse. Now it does this whole darkening the background animation and all, and it's just irritating. Why do they have to overcomlicate everything?

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