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  • i cannot seem to get to load and the only thing that's changed is my updated Opra anyone else?

  • @andrew84
    I deleted all Opera files and folders from partitions:
    And I also deleted the assistant folder from the section:

    Now the "opera autoupdate" folder appears only in the section:

  • @andrew84 temp folders are the correct places for opera autoupdate to show up.

  • Ever since I got this update I can't use opera for even a minute before it stops working. I have no idea why.
    This is the first time something like this has happened to me.

  • @temkem for some reason I don't have 'opera autoupdate' folder in 'User/Downloads' and in 'Local/Temp'. But I mean for Beta/Dev that I have installed.
    I have Stable in Portable view and all the system files are in one folder (I didn't find the opera autoupdate folder in that portable 'all in one' folder, by the way).

    @leocg there are 4 or 5 more other locations where that folder appears, as you can see

  • @andrew84 Yes, but I don't think that such folder should be there.

  • @leocg said in Opera 67.0.3575.97 Stable update:

    don't think that such folder should be there.

    So maybe AV prevents the installer.exe doing this (placing the folder clones in wrong directories) and handles such behavior as a malware.

  • @andrew84 said in Opera 67.0.3575.97 Stable update:

    I have Stable in Portable view and all the system files are in one folder (I didn't find the opera autoupdate folder in that portable 'all in one' folder, by the way).

    This folder is not present when you install Opera in "Portable Installation," but these files are available, only they are scattered separately in different places.
    For example, the file " opera_autoupdate.log "and the" Crash Reports " folder are located in the "E:\Opera beta\profile\data"
    And for some reason the folder "Crash Reports" is duplicated in the system "C:\Users\User_name\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Next" despite the fact that I have Opera Beta installed in "on a portable USB drive" mode.
    And this has been happening for a long time.

  • aww man, getting ads on top of my speed dial, was this added on purpose? is my computer infected?

  • @otaku-sama: Maybe Sync-Problem. Open '' and reset your data. Then try again.

  • @temkem: I hoped to get some response from Opera about the duplicated 'opera autoupdate' folders and regarding the trojan detection in Beta's installer.exe. But there's no response.

  • @rbaygirl: Hold shift and reload the page

  • Any of the security fixes from Chromium 80.0.3987.149?

  • Sadly, it all leads to the painful conclusion of Opera that it cannot find an effective remedy for its previous issue in previous upgrades.This new version v.67.0.3575.97, ccontains the same issues with passes, cookies, and synchronization.
    Whatever appeared to be a solution at the beginning, threw all the work with this upgrade to the wind.
    It will be useful for Opera read the Forum posts, and take note of what is happening.

  • Not that you should have to wipe out all of your Opera settings and data, but try testing with a fresh profile.

    Download the Opera installer, launch it, click "options", set "install path" to a folder named "Opera Test" on your desktop, set "install for" to "standalone installation" and install. Test how things work in that Opera. When you enable Opera Sync, try skipping syncing of settings at first to see how things work. If they work fine, try syncing settings too. if things still work fine, there might be something messed up with your normal Opera profile that'll never get fixed where you'll have to start with a fresh profile to get things working.

    Also with Sync, sometimes you have to goto, reset all your sync data and start all over to fix things (unfortunately).

    Test with Opera Beta and Opera Developer at too. Maybe the issue is fixed in those builds. Of course, they will use their own profiles unless you copy yours over, so that's not going to show how those Operas handle your current profile. But, something to try.

  • Opera, can you do something with this blank space when the "News" section is on? When I have less bookmark dials, this blank space is unnecessary. It'll be better that "News" section is placed directly under speed-dials (not determined by height-size, like now).

    Bez tytułu.png

  • @bartman1 Hard to tell without knowing what you are seeing but I would say probably yes and probably no.

  • @elspivo: I was reporting it many times, since that time when News were implemented.
    When SpeedDial tiles are hidden in Settings the 'gap' at the top looks even more weird.
    *I also suggested to add a toggle in EasySetup menu 'hide speed dials' to quickly view News at the top if there are a lot of tiles (similarly to the 'Show speed dial suggestions' toggle in EasySetup).

  • @chas4 Even the Vivaldi browser has released an update

  • @andrew84 so no chance to change it from developers in the nearest future... 😞